POLL: Opinions divided on whether there is more or less racism in the US now than 10 years ago

Many say there is “lots more” racism in the US now than ten years ago; others say there is “lots less.” That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of the over 1,700 respondents say there is “lots more” racism in the US than ten years ago.

Thirty-four percent (34%) say there is “lots less” racism today.

Eleven percent (11%) say there is the same amount of racism.

Is there more or less racism in US than 10 years ago?

38% Lots more

6% A little more

11% Same

7% A little less

34% Lots less

4% Not sure

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9 thoughts on “POLL: Opinions divided on whether there is more or less racism in the US now than 10 years ago”

  1. To say there is more or less racism is not the right question to be asking, in my opinion. I think it more appropriate, even wiser, to query whether racism has become the greater focus, moreso than previously considered. I would even ask which political party has weaponized it most. Somehow we need to bring to the forefront some general facts regarding politics, media, and money so tgat the geneal public can at least start recognizing the manipulation that is occurring.

  2. It’s ironic but the Obama Administration worsened the race equation by dividing people. We were no longer just Americans, but white Americans, black Americans, hispanic Americans etc. Sad.

  3. I answered “more”, not because I think that racism against minorities is worse, but because racism against whites seems to be celebrated. We are losing all of the ground so many fought and died to gain during the civil rights movement, only now the focus has shifted. Critical Race Theory is nothing more than racism disguised as progress. We are teaching our children to judge each other not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin: Dr. Martin Luther King would be ashamed.

  4. Need more specifics. Some still see “racism” as the inequality or bigoted view against blacks. Others see it as true meaning of the word. Judging others based on color of skin or ethnicity. regardless who they are.
    Also there is percieved and actual. MSM left vs actual.

    Being honest, I didnt even answer this poll due to it seeming unspecific.

  5. I believe there is more racism because more people are becoming racist against whites (Even whites are expressing “racism” against whites: LOL). Some would claim that isn’t possible, that racism is only possible if a white person is judging a person of color, and that’s my “white privilege” talking. But, IMO, it swings both ways, I believe that one race does not own the definition of racism that can only be applied to one ethnic group.

    I never gave race a second thought 10 years ago. Now, when I step into an elevator with a person of another race, I wonder if that person dislikes me for my skin color, for which I had no control. It’s really sad and regressive.

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