POLL: Plurality of all voters and black voters disagree with pulling all-star baseball game from Georgia

A plurality (45%) of likely black voters say it was a bad decision to pull the Major League Baseball all-star game from Georgia as a political statement. That’s according to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll.

A plurality (46%) of likely voters of all races said it was a “bad idea.”

Forty percent (40%) of the respondents said it was a “good idea” to move the game, says Rasmussen Reports.

A majority (60%) of Democrats said it was a good decision.

A majority (57%) agreed that it is a bad idea for athletes and sports teams to get involved in political controversies.

Widespread misreporting incorrectly claimed that Georgia’s new “voter integrity law” restricted voter times and dates.

Click on the link below to read the Rasmussen Reports poll result story:


Click on the link below to read about the poll results in Breitbart.com:


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6 thoughts on “POLL: Plurality of all voters and black voters disagree with pulling all-star baseball game from Georgia”

  1. None of this makes any sense… voter ID is expected and shocked that it was not expected before… elites are using and manipulating people just to get their vote, but give nothing back in return.

  2. What the poll clearly proves – businesses are going to seriously compromise their bottom line profits when they get involved in controversial activity completely unrelated to their business plan. The poll shows a 40% negative view from customer base. Politics is a nasty business and should never be mixed with business. Strong CEO’s would never gamble they’re bottom line with politics!

  3. Rebecca Mroczkowski

    As a (legal) resident of the state of Georgia, it hurts me to the core what is being said erroniously about our great state. People, including politicians and corporations who have read or not read the law are outright lying about it or miscommunicating the intentions of the law. I know what is true, but so many residents listen to either corporate media or groups who are in bed with the woke crowd. I only hope that we can push back hard enough to break the cycle. Thank you Sheryl for doing what you do. You give me hope.

  4. This whole Woke movement shows the level of social decay facing us as a society.
    Professional sports, Big business, and Big tech, should stay out of the political arena. They have a right as individuals to vote according to their idiology. There for it is a necessity that a boycotts be put in place. Other venues will be available as it will create opportunities for the free market to open up competition.

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