(READ) Trump statement on Maricopa County, Arizona recount

– April 26, 2021 –
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Incredible organization and integrity taking place in Arizona with respect to the Fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election. These are Great American Patriots, but watch, the Radical Left Democrats “demean and destroy campaign” will start very soon. They will say anything they can to take away the integrity, validity, and credibility of what these incredible Patriots are doing—but the people of Arizona won’t stand for it. They were among the earliest to see that this was a Rigged Election!

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Trump statement on Maricopa County, Arizona recount”

  1. Sharyl, I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your reporting. This is the only place today where I can get the FACTS. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! ?

  2. Ditto Sue B.

    I bought Slanted & had it mailed to his home not realizing his stroke had made reading not impossible but very unlikely to read the book.
    His wife teaches Sociology in college & attends & leads many national conferences.
    So….. it’s hopeless (same with my kids) and at 78 most long time friends (I’m female & had a knee replaced today) now avoid me.
    This will end badly. It is a pivotal “Fourth Turning” and my hopes are slim that individuals will even retain a sliver of “rights” we were born with.
    God love Sharyl and others’ efforts!
    In 1990 Biden’s Senate violated 2nd Amendment with Gun Free Zone signs directing those cowards set on “being noticed” to areas where they knew no one could shoot back.
    Yet somehow school murder rampages where massacres occur is used to take guns from ALL trustworthy Citizens who might save some lives if they are on the scene.
    Let retired cops have coffee and play cards in hallway with their piece visible or not. Wouldn’t the Teachers’ Union hate that!
    Thanks for being there Sharyl!


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