Republican-led Kansas legislature overturns Governor’s mask mandate

Kansas is the latest state in a string of states to end its statewide mask mandate.

The Kansas state legislature recently passed a law allowing a legislative standing committee to revoke executive orders. The Kansas committee is known as the “Legislative Coordinating Council” or the LCC.

The LCC voted 5-2 to overturn Democratic Governor Laura Kelly’s bid to extend a statewide executive order requiring masks.

Wyoming, Mississippi, Texas, Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Montana all recently ended statewide mask mandates. Other states like Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, and Missouri never had one.

Three weeks after Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the mask mandate in Texas, the state reportedly hit a record low for COVID-19 cases.

Kansas Gov. Kelly criticized the decision as a departure from a COVID-19 mitigation strategy that was working.

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14 thoughts on “Republican-led Kansas legislature overturns Governor’s mask mandate”

  1. Masks do not work. If the masks work, why are certain states reporting increases in COVID “cases”? Perhaps the testing isn’t accurate?

    1. If “social distancing” works, why the masks? If masks work, why the lockdowns? If lockdowns work, why the vaccines? If vaccines, why the “social distancing”…

  2. Masks are oppressive, dehumanizing and controlling. When children are made to wear them while seated in school, it’s child abuse. When you are seated in a restaurant you do not need to be masked, but seated children in school are not allowed to breathe freely. People would not do this to their pets. The whole mask thing is stupid and disgusting.
    I think this country looks like communist China, people walking around like zombies.
    Covering your face in the fresh air and sunshine is against nature and God. Too bad there is no jab for stupidity.

    1. My 9yo grandson has seasonal allergies. They now go to school here 4 days a week and when he gets off the school bus I remove his mask and it is SOAKED! I’m furious about it.

  3. We Kansans achieved this by our combined efforts working with our legislators. In last year’s elections, we won super-majorities in both chambers of the state legislature to nullify the Governor’s vetoes and executive order. We thank God, in whom we trust, and our brave legislators.

    1. Hopefully on May 18 we can succeed in getting the constitutional amendments passed to strip away his powers and end this craziness in PA.

  4. Wish we could make progress removing the mask scamgate in VA. It has been a revelation how poorly educated people are, especially the media, about basic biology. I never in my life thought I would see Americans so sucked in.

  5. Masks do not prevent transmission of viruses, period. They prevent spit from transferring to patients from med staff/workers, but not a prevention of viruses. They work a little to prevent dust, if using the right mask.

  6. If one has had the full vaccination, the CDC says one cannot get the disease…… so, what’s the deal with continuing the mask charade, anyway?

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