Supreme Court decides not to consider Twitter users’ dispute against Trump

The Supreme Court has decided not to consider a lawsuit that seven Twitter users filed against Donald Trump when he was president. Trump’s Justice Department had asked the court to dismiss the case.

The social media customers successfully argued, in lower courts, that their First Amendment rights were violated when Trump blocked them from his personal @realdonaldtrump account.

With Trump no longer in office, the Justice Department reportedly said the case was moot or no longer relevant.

As it stands, the case decisions raise an apparent conflict: How can Twitter users have a First Amendment right to not be blocked from Donald Trump’s Twitter account; yet Trump reportedly has no recourse for being banned from the platform entirely?

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7 thoughts on “Supreme Court decides not to consider Twitter users’ dispute against Trump”

  1. The court appears to be less interested in cases that preserve our rights than in those it can chip away at them. When not hearing a case is equally productive that too is acceptable.

  2. It would seem that the inclusion of freedom of speech and expression in the Bill of Rights … as well as the proper and correct definitions of these rights for sovereign individuals … needs to be reasserted with many in the Judicial branch … including with some on our highest court.

  3. I have argued for years we should make scotus a 4 year elected position,two terms maximum,you fet elected by a national ballot with each State nominating candidates based on qualifications for following Our Constitution and not some liberal interpretation of the Laws! I will also state we need term limits now more than ever! The career politicians and lobbyists in DC have to be stopped!

  4. What’s the point of Supreme Court, they don’t want to do their job. Justice Robert’s is a traitor to this country and a coward.

    1. Roberts is no more a traitor than any other Sleeper Agent for the Deep State. A Conservative with impeccable credentials until activated for the 0bamacare ruling. Roberts along with the usual leftists decide 0bamacare is Constitutional because it was a tax. That may be the first time he developed convenient amnesia when it came to the US Constitution. Roberts, along with the others voting with him forgot that all taxes must originate in the House of Representatives. 0bamacare had been introduced into the Senate.
      Sessions, Barr, & Durham were Sleeper Agents for the Deep State, aka, the Swamp. Impeccable Conservative Credentials until activated for the sole purpose of protecting the 0bama Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Families and their role in furthering and then covering up the coup against Candidate Trump and then President Trump.
      Since ruling against Texas against their lawsuit over the conduct during the election, I assigned Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, & Coney the position of Sleep Agents.
      The most Liberal Justices were appointed by Republican presidents.

  5. It’s quite embarrassing what the SCOTUS has become. They clearly have lost sight of their role in our country.

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