SURVEY: Doctors specializing in Infectious Diseases spend the most time on bureaucracy

Doctors in the speciality of Infectious Diseases spend the most time on “paperwork and administration.”

That’s according to a Medscape survey of about 18,000 physicians.

The results find Infectious Disease doctors spend an average of 24.2 hours a week, the equivalent of three work days, on paperwork and administration.

Next in line at 20.7 hours per week is the specialty of Public Health & Preventive Medicine.

Anesthesiology is the speciality that apparently requires the least bureaucracy: 10.1 hours per week of paperwork and administration.

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5 thoughts on “SURVEY: Doctors specializing in Infectious Diseases spend the most time on bureaucracy”

  1. As a Family Physician, for every minute I spend with patients I spend about 3 minutes doing notes. So a 5-10 minute office visit translates to 15-30 minutes of notes. I spend my “days off” signing forms, writing letters, refilling prescriptions ect. I do not get reimbursed for my time as would a lawyer or a CPA.

  2. Chuck from Richmond

    Don’t forget TV time, reinforcing network narratives. Like Jon LaPook, who this morning advanced a new narrative for CBS. A year ago he and Fauci were skeptical whether Trump could have vaccines available so rapidly with Warp Speed citing past developments which took years. Now Lapook is touting that science learned from past outbreaks and was already well positioned to produce quickly. Would love to see the two tapes played comparing his past reports with today.
    Wonder if Lapook arrived at the revelation himself or if the network was practicing “media medicine” and gave him a script to read.

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