The Age Discrimination Case Against IBM (PODCAST)

IBM faces a massive group of age discrimination claims. The company says it never made hiring or firing decisions based on age. We take a deep dive look at both sides, and how hard it is to prove age discrimination when it does occur.

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7 thoughts on “The Age Discrimination Case Against IBM (PODCAST)”

  1. Thank you again for reporting truth to Americans. We love and appreciate all you and your team do. I look forward to Full Measure every week.

  2. Angela Marie Reddish

    Hello Sharyl-
    I could not do anything but cry as I watched this IBM Podcast. I work for the VA Medical Center and the same thing is occurring. As stated Age Discrimination is hard to prove but there is a clear pattern of older employees being forced to retire or they try to find something to try to take action against you in an effort to get you frustrated enough to retire. I would love to speak with you and also get the name of the Attorney who filed the class action suit. This is an urgent matter –

  3. Outstanding podcast, Sharyl. I hope you don’t mind, but I shared a link to your podcast on a group and a page on Facebook that cater to IBMers who have been RA’d: and

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