Unanswered questions about Capitol riots

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has written multiple letters to several officials asking questions about circumstances and events surrounding the January 6, 2021 joint session of Congress that was disrupted by rioters after a pro-Trump rally.

The questions raised by Sen. Johnson include:

  • Please describe the security of the Capitol building at the beginning of the joint session, including:
    • The number of law enforcement officers that manned the east and west fronts of the Capitol, the Capitol entrances, and the interior of the Capitol building, were fully outfitted with riot gear, were partially outfitted with riot gear, and had no protective or riot gear.
  • How many firearms were seen or confiscated from individuals inside or on the Capitol grounds on January 6?
  • What groups were involved in planning or coordinating the breach of the Capitol?
    • How many members of those groups were involved in the breach?
  • Is the USCP fully complying with requests for records from the USCP Office of Inspector General?

Sen. Johnson says many of his previous questions to officials have gone unanswered.

Click the links below to view Senator Johnson’s letters written to various officials and agencies, including Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson, Acting U. S. Capitol Chief of Police Yogananda D. Pittman, and Christopher Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations:

Senator Johnson press release re: Jan. 21st letter (with links to letters)

Senator Johnson letter – Feb. 24th

Senator Johnson letter to AG and FBI – Feb 26th

Senator Johnson press release re: Mar. 1st letters (with links to letters)

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12 thoughts on “Unanswered questions about Capitol riots”

  1. In regards to “Unanswered questions about Capitol riots”

    Perhaps someone should ask Who killed Ashli Babbitt…

  2. David Watts Field

    Because they will only release information that supports the anti-white anti-conservative narrative. Our media is no better than Pravda, Granma or whatever is put out by the CCP.

  3. It is my impression that the democrats feel that they do not have to answer any questions from Republican representatives or even we citizens (who actually pay their salaries.) It seems to a traditional thing with them, dating back, at least, with the Obama administration.

  4. Stephen Triesch

    There are apparently people of influence who would prefer that the facts not be known until the “narrative” has been firmly implanted in everyone’s mind. This is similar to the Russia-collusion hoax which was taken as a self-evident fact by the media for two solid years until the Mueller investigation found virtually no evidence to support it.

    Since then, I have yet to hear any MSM reporter or editorialist refer to the collusion story as having been “discredited” or “debunked,” and to this day news commentators and Democrat politicians still refer to Trump as a “Russian asset.”

    As to the topic of this story – the January 6th riot – every mainstream news story now refers to it as a
    “deadly, armed insurrection,” almost as if the AP style book requires that those terms be used. And somehow that one riot from a splinter group of a mass pro-Trump demonstration looms larger in the minds of the Democrats, the media, and our national security apparatus than the dozens of BLM/riots last summer that were organized by openly Marxist and anarchist groups who openly proclaim their goal of destroying ALL existing authority. Somehow THAT is not considered a national security threat, and the reluctance of many DAs to prosecute the participants in those riots sends a chilling message that the Constitutional requirement of the equal protection and enforcement of the laws is now a dead letter.

  5. January 6th Trumpers caused less damage to the Democrats than what the Delta House did to the homecoming parade at the end of ANIMAL HOUSE. Did John Belushi end up in prison? No, his bio summary before the credits said that Bluto later became “Senator Blutarsky.”

  6. It was an armed insurrection. Armed means any weapons (bearspray, mace, sticks, spears, fire extinguishers, police shields as abattering rams, etc. not just firearms. I saw the whole thing. I recall a report of a person with a pistol inside the capitol early on, but that may have been revised after the fog cleared. There were guns, ammunitions, exposives, moltovs, pipe bombs, and other inciniary devices found in vehicles not on Capitol grouinds.

    I like Sharyl Atkisson and her show, but I believe she should have questioned Sen. Johnson about this. Otherwise it’s MSM all over agian.

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