(VIDEO) Police body cam video of shooting in Minnesota

Warning: the video may be upsetting to some viewers

Body cam footage recorded the struggle between Brooklyn Center Police officers and suspect Daunte Wright, age 20.

Authorities reportedly pulled over Wright on a traffic violation and learned he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest related to a criminal gun violation.

As they attempted to handcuff and arrest Wright, he is seen on the video breaking free and jumping inside his vehicle.

As he resists arrest, officer Kim Potter shouts “Taser!” several times and fires her gun. As the vehicle pulls away with Wright behind the wheel, the officer can be heard saying “[Expletive] I just shot him.” Another voice can be heard saying, “Oh no.”

Police Chief Tim Gannon described the shooting as “an accidental discharge” with the officer allegedly mistaking her gun for the taser.

Wright’s car reportedly travelled several blocks and hit another vehicle. Authorities say he died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

You can watch the body cam video at the link below:


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5 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Police body cam video of shooting in Minnesota”

  1. What should be the emphasis here, and I have yet to hear anyone emphasize it, is that this guy would still be alive if he had not resisted arrest. Do Not Resist Arrest! If you do you could be seriously injured or be dead. Real simple. George Floyd was suspected of passing a phony bill, confronted, and he resisted arrest. This young man had an outstanding warrant and resisted arrest. Ferguson same drill. The message should be DO NOT Resist Arrest.

    I do feel awful for the officer who shot this kid as she will never again have a hole to crawl into to escape the guilt. Tragic, senseless, screw up. Tell me again why tasers are shaped just like the service weapon?

    1. Right on! Any citizen that fails to follow the instructions of a police officer acting in performance of their duty places the police officer and themselves in a very dangerous situation. All the rest is a lot of Saul Alinsky hoopla.

  2. Culpability resides with both the victim and the officer.–primarily the victim. The current anti-police professional agitator environment is the primary contributor to the prevalent mindset that “resisting arrest is not only an acceptable response, but also a requirement”.

    As Mr. Glass points out taser equipment that is indistinguishable from a firearm is an accident waiting to happen.
    It used to be standard procedure to move individuals being placed under arrest away from their vehicle.

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