(VIDEO) Watch Donald Trump’s censored interview on “The Right View”

Lara Trump interviews Donald Trump on The Right View

Lara Trump recently interviewed Donald Trump in a rare post-presidency on camera appearance for The Donald.

Despite the obvious news value and interest on the part of millions around the world, many in the news media and social media continue to improper censor Donald Trump in order to control and manipulate public opinion.

Watch the interview at the link below:


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4 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Watch Donald Trump’s censored interview on “The Right View””

  1. THANK YOU! It is absolutely imperative that we stand by our convictions and make sure we let all people know how we feel about censorship of the truth! Not allowing anyone to express their thoughts and feelings is UN-AMERICAN!! JUDY CAROLE

  2. For your poll about Trump’s social media, I’m on social media that I’m happy with. I have no interest in an unproven and distracting platform that takes his attention away from the people, or has him put people in charge of it like he put in charge of DOJ and FBI. I’m happy with Telegram, Gab and Minds.

    I would vote for him again tomorrow though. The fraud of a POTUS in the WH now is a disgrace. No way in Hades he won more votes than ANY other POTUS.

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