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15 thoughts on “(WATCH) Direct link to Arizona 2020 ballot recount live cameras”

  1. And you continue to use or ask your readers to share your stuff on Fakebook and Twatter? Why did you write “Slanted” for? I do not understand.
    You should join other platforms (GAB, MeWe) were you are not going to be disrespected.
    I guess some people are masochists. Disappointing Sharyl.

  2. Love the real investigative journalism or just any real journalism these days, not activist propaganda media crap.

  3. Thank you for doing this it needs to be done if there is nothing to hide why not do it we the people know the democrats cheated……

  4. This is cheating on a grand scale, this is just one platform. I’m surprised more people are not standing up and say No! to backup our constitution. The audit will prove significant fraud. This is treason at the highest level against we the people.
    Well worth the watch and informative, is Mike Lindell’s called “Absolute Interference.”

    1. Absolute Truth is the other documentary about voter fraud.
      But Mike’s documentaries are just the tip of the iceberg. There is MASSIVE proof of fraud. If we as a people don’t stop it, there will never be free and fair elections in the USA ever again.

      The democrats MUST be stopped.

  5. Why are we not allowed to look at the ballots?
    They can fuzz out the name.
    We need to see the condition of the ballots!
    We don’t need to see the personal information but we need to see if the ballots are folded!
    We need to see the determination of that ballot by the foreman.
    The people should be allowed to view the tally sheets live..
    We want to know if there is a proper ballot with an envelope.
    We want to know if it’s a legitimate ballot on legitimate paper instead of a cheap copy from the copy machine.
    Move those cameras On the tables.

  6. If there is no fraud, then why all the concern about the recount. Democrats are all about “transparency.” Let’s have a look…

    1. I’m with you on that Otto. I am befuddled that Maddow & company are trash talking something so simple as a reality check recount.
      Biased headlines like “Sketchy Pro-Trump recount off to rocky start”., stupid law filings worrying about “the privacy of voters’ when anyone who votes knows your personal info is not on the ballot. “Ludicrous recount”. “Company with no experience on elections or ballots” (Laughing)”. You would think amateurs are cutting diamonds at the arena! Anyone can count Ballots. The stated purpose is to confirm the system is working properly. Its not to unseat “Apolco Joe’ from the White House. Skeptics hyperbole is making me wonder if there really IS a secret undertow.

    2. The concern is it is in violation of Federal law; Cyber Ninjas is 100% unqualified to audit anything; Cyber Ninjas PROMISED to find votes for Trump (they’re highly partisan); the AZ GQP refused to accept the results of TWO previous audits & hand recount.

      Other than that, audits performed under the direction and supervision of County Election officials are a good measure.

  7. this is 100% waste of tax payer money. THE GOP conducted 2 audits . trump lost this is nothing more than thousands of people sucking his cock and ass kissing thinking they too can be come popular. the only way to end this is end trump. shoot that mother fucker and his sons too. then fucker carlson and hannity then mccarthy. fuck you gop.. i will be ter to day to harass “the experts ” all the way to their homes/ hotels .Just. stop making america look stupid !
    you fucking lost, MAN UP!!
    move on and quit crying like a sniveling bitch.

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