(WATCH) “Get Out!” Diners shout Covid health inspectors out of a restaurant

A restaurant in Vancouver, Canada that was apparently violating Covid restrictions received a visit from health officials.

They were not greeted kindly by diners who began chanting “Get out!”

The health officials left the restaurant. It’s not known whether they returned or attempted further enforcement actions.

Also recently in Canada, a pastor shouted at a municipal health inspector who was accompanied by a group of police after the group interrupted Passover services.

You can watch both videos below.

Diners chant for health inspectors to “Get out!”

Church pastor in Canada shouts at municipal health inspector who interrupted services

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6 thoughts on “(WATCH) “Get Out!” Diners shout Covid health inspectors out of a restaurant”

  1. Finally, someone being chased out of a restaurant who actually deserves it. What the hell did they expect? “I’m just doing my job” doesn’t really mean a lot to people when your “job” refers to ruining their life and clapping them in irons / shackles.

  2. We ALL must fight back this way..!! SHOUT THEM DOWN..!! DO NOT LET THEM OPPRESS..!! Covid is not the flu…!! Covid is not a disease..!! Covid is a bioweapon….a political bioweapon..!! Nazi governments must not be allowed to survive…!!

  3. We much, much more of this. Sort of like BLM but without the looting, rioting, arson, assaults, destruction of property and murder.

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