(WATCH LIVE) Maricopa Co., Arizona audit of 2020 election ballots

The Maricopa County, Arizona Elections Department has announced that approximately 2.1 million subpoenaed General Election ballots are being delivered to the location chosen by the Arizona state senate for audit: the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the state fairgrounds.

Maricopa is Arizona’s most populous county.

You can watch live video feeds of the action at the link below.


Here are the choices of camera views you can monitor:

Numerous experts have claimed widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election, including in Maricopa County.

According to the official county, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in Arizona by 10,457 votes.

Suspicion was created by a host of late changes in state election policies that heavily favored Biden and, some experts say, opened the door to fraud.

Further skepticism was generated after Trump started election night with what appeared to be a strong if not overwhelming dominance in electoral votes, but found himself on the losing side of overnight flips in key states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Additional doubt was raised by documented instances of election observers who were excluded from observing processes; a faked and still-unexplained claim of a broken water pipe in Atlanta that cleared out observers, only to have vote counting continue in their absence; and many other irregularities, such as a truck driver claiming to be delivering ballots for unexplained reasons from New York to Pennsylvania only to have the cargo disappear, postal and election workers claiming they were instructed by supervisors to backdate ineligible ballots; sworn testimony in numerous states about supposed mail-in ballots that allegedly could not have been mailed because they were not creased, were identical, were either 100% or nearly 100% for Biden, and had no down ballot boxes checked; a large number of military ballots in Georgia that were all for Biden even though the military vote typically leans Republican; “mistakes” flagged in numerous counties that all had been in Biden’s favor; video of overnight deliveries of alleged ballots without the proper security or chain of custody; and more.

Read more on election fraud claims here.

A host of quickly-mounted election court challenges by Trump supporters were ultimately dismissed, mostly for technical reasons such as standing and timing.

Democrats and many in the news media oppose the Maricopa County recount, and they claim, without evidence, that there was no fraud in the 2020 election, or that any fraud was not widespread, or that any widespread fraud was not enough to have made a difference.

Arizona’s Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs calls the recount a “circus.”

“Nobody should be taking this circus seriously,” she told reporters.

The recount is expected to take weeks and is being connected by a Florida firm hired by Arizona senate Republicans.

According to the official statistics, President Biden, who lost presidential bids twice over the previous 30 years, beat Trump in 2020 even though Trump received more votes than any other sitting president in history: more than 74 million. The official count shows Biden receiving more than 81 million votes.

According to the official count, Biden received 16 million more votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016, and 12 million more votes than Obama received in 2008 (69.4 million).

Even after two impeachments and minute-by-minute attacks by the media, Democrats, and many Republicans; President Trump left office far more popular, from a voting standpoint, than when he entered, having received 12 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016.

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16 thoughts on “(WATCH LIVE) Maricopa Co., Arizona audit of 2020 election ballots”

  1. Thank Sharyl Attkisson, for countering the Democrats AND their BOUGHT MEDIA’S, LIES! The United States and many other Countries, NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, for their CRAFTED LIES! THEY ARE NO LONGER fair, true OR free of being CONTROLLED! We will end their LYING rein and make BRAND NEW, News Outlets, built on THE TRUTH and not manipulation, as IS CNN, ETC.!

  2. Thank you so much for honest unbiased reporting.
    I would think that ALL Americans would want truthful legitimate accounting of all elections. It is troubling that Arizona Democrats would try to halt the recount.
    It makes everyone wonder Why?
    If there are no issues then why are they afraid ??

  3. I wonder if this one single audit will eventually lead to changing the results Of the November 3rd presidential election? We The People are being told by mainstream media and a few Republicans that it won’t change anything and it’s unnecessary…..?

    1. If found that there were in fact irregularities, other contested US States will probably follow suit in doing similar audits. If the results point to irregularities in these states, then surely there will be some action. If we get anywhere near this point in history you can be certain there will be a major news event to derail the process and direct our attention elsewhere (i.e. war, false flag, etc.).

  4. Remember, the recount doesn’t have to prove there was election fraud, it only has to perpetuate the thought there was election fraud. Trump proved that by telling 30,000 lies over the course of his presidency to keep his base “riled” up. This will keep them riled up a little longer.

    1. There are none more blind than those that have eyes but refuse to see.
      There is NO debate that fraud occurred. It did. Unquestionably. Two previous failed Biden attempts at President, bellwether counties and states, Ohio and FLA overwhelmingly voting Republican (Trump). There are more examples but these alone are proof enough that audits MUST be performed to identify ALL avenues of election fraud. If Biden still wins then the audits will prove that. You should encourage the oversight for every election moving forward as well. LEGAL votes should be the only votes counted. Period.

  5. john weisenberger

    From my US NAVY days there was a saying: if it quacks like a Duck, it it swims like a Duck, if it walks like a Duck and if it flys like a Duck – – – then it is more than likely a Duck. It appears that the same most likely holds true for a National Election and National Election Fraud. Additionally; if the Main Stream Media does not allow the discussion then they are a part of the Fraud. If Google and Facebook block the Election Fraud conversation – – a part of the growing tyranny in our country.

  6. Hopefully they also audit Maine and show the real results of the senate election. We all know that was stolen.

    1. If you’re referring to our primary where Susan Collins won the GOP ticket I would agree. If you think and voted for Sarah Gideon then you’re a Communist sympathizer and need to move to CA or leave the country you hate. We will not allow this PROGRESSIVE (Regressive) COMMUNIST tyranny preside over and take away our freedoms and liberties.

  7. Thank you so much Sharyl. I love your interviews and the way you ask objective, unbiased, open-ended questions.

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