(WATCH) Police get backlash over interrupting church service over Covid-19 policies

A pastor videotapes his encounter with Calgary officials over Covid-19 policies

Police in Calgary, Alberta, Canada are taking it on the chin after their interruption of a church service over Covid-19 policies went viral.

Several officers, including at least one from the Calgary Police Service, accompanied a city official to Street Church Saturday where there was “concern” that “people in attendance were not adhering to the government’s COVID-19 public health orders.”

They were met by pastor Artur Pawlowski who shouted them out of the church while recording the incident. During the encounter, Pawlowski called the group “Nazis,” “communists,” “fascists,” and “psychopaths.”

“Can you believe those sick psychopaths?” asks Pastor Artur Pawlowski

The video has received more than 2.5 million views on Twitter. You can watch it at the link below.


Calgary Police Service posted a statement in response on Sunday explaining that “We do not wish to disrupt anyone’s holidays or religious or spiritual events, however we must support our partner agencies when called upon to help ensure everyone can safely celebrate these occasions.”

On Twitter, the statement received a remarkable “ratio.” That refers to the phenomenon when a tweet gets a much larger proportion of comments than “likes,” usually indicating a consensus of community outrage over the post.

Read the full Calgary Police Service statement below.


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11 thoughts on “(WATCH) Police get backlash over interrupting church service over Covid-19 policies”

  1. I am only surprised that the police left without using force against the pastor. They might have easily trumped up any number of charges or “concerns” and assaulted him. They were obligated to leave when he ordered them off the property and they took their sweet time to exit.

    1. This is Canada, in a quite conservative and rational area as well… Nobody is gonna get assaulted in that city over a gathering in a Church. Many in Alberta and Calgary are very openly ignoring the hoax, and the cops are letting them for the most part. Once in a while they put on a “show”, because they seem to be desperate for the paychecks and will get replaced if they don’t. This is the reality we live in, humans will try to oppress, imprison, and even murder others from their own communities, just for a paycheck.

      The cops know, and the majority of people here as well know, that at this point, this is all a lie, even when we where the masks at work or a grocery stores. Germ theory is a massive fraud that’s being exposed more and more by the week. It started being pushed through in mainstream med schools since the early 20th century by the eugenics. Tim Cowan, Robert Young and Stefan Lanka have been exposing the truth for years now, and factually destroyed the germ theory.

      Alberta is recalling Jason Kenney, and the Harper coalition controlled by the establishment is slowly dying in Canada… These people are garbage and Canadians aren’t putting up with them anymore. America and EU will have to start cleaning up it’s trash before the population size gets reduced by a quarter or half, years down the road.

      How can anybody still think that we went from two weeks to flatten the curve, to covid passports and this type of non sense organically. It’s tough to accept, but evidently, this only ends in a revolution, and revolutions usually end up in violence… Gates called it the golden billion, that’s the amount of people he thinks should be on earth, food for thought…

  2. The Nazi tactics going through n all over the world are astounding to me. I guess being compliant with government bureaucrats, gives them the right to take it a step further. I suppose the historical content of what was done to the Jews has been left out of our schools and in many other countries. So the people of the world thinking compliance will get them to freedom again are badly mistaken.
    The Catholic Church should have done this to the government, also but we are lead by a socialist Pope. I thought ten years ago he was placed in the church to go along with the socialistic policies of Obama. I think I was correct. New world order!

  3. I do not know who was in the right, but it would seem the police were either not present with lawful authority, or they did not know. It’s possible they were there lawfully, but unready to take appropriate action. I doubt the latter, because there were many there in full regalia. I think police misconduct is the inescapable conclusion, because they either should have made arrests or not have come in at all or have left PROMPTLY instead of extremely slowly like chastened teen bullies determining their force was not great enough for their liking. Police need to STOP acting on dubious authority and INSIST on 100% clear authority before enforcing Pandemic dictates. They need to ASSUME they should NOT enforce. I think it’s long been legal to walk around with a deadly disease that others don’t know you have. Even if you could be charged with crime based on egregious endangerment of others, you have the freedom to walk around. You should not, but it remains your right and by exercising it in a criminal manner you will be subject to prosecution. What stops people getting others sick is an appropriate sense of civic duty, not police. I think we need to accept that as the rule even now. Use words, not weapons. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Let people TALK. The truth will out. (Solzhenitsyn quoting Shakespeare). This seems a case of BULLIES breaking in (or just remaining) physically to talk. THAT is not using words. You cannot force another adult to listen, it must be voluntary. They should have immediately requested permission to talk OFF the premises, and if denied, they police should have left instead of becoming unlawful trespassers. Someone should consider charging the police with criminal activity, such as trespass, breaking and entering, unlawful imprisonment, or burglary for remaining and exiting at something less than a reasonable time period. They had weapons, so there should be heightened scrutiny and alarm at that behavior. I would suspect the Health Inspector was less criminally culpable, because with the police there perhaps she had reason to believe they had color of authority. I don’t know. I think the preacher guy did the right thing. He seemed harsh, but looked as if anything less would not have worked on that crowd of officious bullies. Where was their warrant? Would a judge even have given them one? If not, they should be in the deepest possible trouble as an agency. I’m speaking as an American, so I’m sure Canadians have far fewer civil liberty remedies, but to the extent that these are HUMAN RIGHTS no country should tolerate a breach of HUMAN rights.

    1. Did you notice the person in charge was a Karen? Why is it more and more women taking a impassioned stand for stupidity and idiocy?
      We need more ATTKISSON’s and fewer of these liberal Karens.

  4. This pastor has become a lightning rod in Calgary because he is engaged in public preaching and in feeding the homeless, for which he has already been fined for violation of social distancing guidelines. Furthermore, he spoke at a recent protest in Ottawa, telling Canadians that they need to stand together against tyranny, as the Poles did during Solidarity. I was wondering why they picked on his church, but this additional information answers my question.

  5. Barrett W Abney

    It is a shame that the majority of people will think the pastor is a bully…
    It seems both Canadians and Americas are all too stupid to REMAIN free…

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