“Young blood” research underway to turn back time in old people

Scientists are researching the controversial possibility that blood products from young people might be used by older people to reverse the aging process. That’s according to Newsweek.

What was once considered fanciful fiction, fodder for horror stories, or the stuff of conspiracy theorists, is now a part of modern science, says the report.

An emerging area of study called “geroscience” reportedly “seeks to understand molecular and cellular mechanisms that make aging a major risk factor and driver of common chronic conditions and diseases of older adulthood”. Its goal is to “hack the process of aging itself and, in the process, delay or stave off the onset of many of the diseases most associated with growing old”, says Newsweek.

One large biotech firm, Grifols, is said to be responsible for at least six “phase 2” trials completed or underway to treat a wide range of age-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, using blood or blood products extracted from youthful donors.

There is currently no FDA-approved drug that targets the aging process itself, rather than a specific disease.

The Newsweek report states that there have been promising results in studies where old rodents were injected with young rodents’ blood.

If scientists are ultimately successful in “hacking aging” with the use of “young blood,” it will could pose serious ethical questions.

The story has sparked discussion over longstanding rumors of an illicit black market for trafficked children’s blood. 

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23 thoughts on ““Young blood” research underway to turn back time in old people”

  1. Yup, stay healthy and enjoy your long life, just so the govt can be “merciful” & end it when they say… The great “reset”

    1. “if scientists are ultimately successful in “hacking aging” with the use of “young blood,” it will could pose serious ethical questions.” Oh, like, killing the unborn?

      1. Its just becoming public now that the depopulation of 1st world countries is half seeded with the new mRNA softkill (amongst other experimental data collection).
        The age of the transhumanist regression is upon us. Its no more nero or vlad toturing and drinking blood but the age of the “proles” and transhuman elite vampires.

        The real age upon us is the Rainbow, when all is smitten there will be the few who survived and held fast. As the Hopi and The Bible says. But between here and there will be great tribulations.

  2. Kathy Martin-Lynn

    I LOVE your reporting Ms. Attkisson.
    It amazes me that this is okay because it’s under the guise of “science”, however the black market trafficking of young children being sacrificed to do the same by over eager rich spoiled self absorbed armatures, that’s all a conspiracy theory! WOW.

  3. Well, I think the science has been pretty clear on this issue, seeing as how there are already blood drives all across the country. Blood transfusions are used all the time, and they seem to have great reward and very little risk. So as long as it is done voluntarily, I don’t see any issue with it.

  4. So is this why they are recruiting the thousands of “unaccompanied children” at the border? And here we thought it was “sex trafficking”.

  5. While they may be experimenting, I don’t expect anything to come out of it but failure. Since the Ancient Egyptians were performing successful open heart surgeries over 4000 years ago, I would say they would have figured it out.

  6. Scary that all the sci fi movies I watched and read as a kid are coming true. This is not a road we need or want to travel. The old rich will use their advantage and not die. Exactly what we don’t need. Can you imagine Biden reversing age and being a politician forever? Shudder the thought!

  7. What ethical questions?
    Ethical questions can only be posed to people with a sense of right and wrong, Or just simple values.

    Most scientists seem to live under the axiom, if we can do it, we need to go for it. The question not asked, “Should we be doing this”?
    I do have a question, “Will Planned Parenthood have the contract to furnish the ‘young blood’ for the research”?

  8. Czech opera written dealing with this very topic – a potion to let you live forever, but you much choose every 300 years if you want to keep taking it. “The Makropolis Case” – by Janacek

    Listen to the soprano lamenting what it means to stay alive, as a diva no less, for another 300 years. Does she take her next dose, or does she not?

  9. If they legitimize this “Wonder Blood” the risks are ENDLESS to the young harboring this red fountain of youth! Egotistical narcissistic elitists will harvest and farm the young like cattle even more than is already occurring! This practice has been known for decades if not longer…so why the studies NOW if not to put the stamp of approval on the disgusting commodity making of our precious & defenseless young!!!

    1. So they can get the general public on board with marginal information to “normalize” it. Look what they’re getting away with under the “abortion” veil. They will legalize the torture and murder of innocent children for the sake of “elderly health”, vanity and the real reason which is sacrificial It’s real, there are so many survivor stories.

  10. What they forgot to mention is that the young blood must be adrenalized and that means they torture the young victim before extracting the blood in order to harvest the adrenaline. This gets them high as well as keeping them young. They already have child blood factories in China where this takes place.

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