10 Takeaways from Maricopa County, Arizona 2020 election audit

You may know that an historic, Republican-led audit is underway of 2.1 million 2020 election ballots from Maricopa County, Arizona.

Here are ten interesting takeaways:

  1. No matter what the results are, organizers say they will not impact 2020 election results; the audit is to identify areas where improvement may be needed.
  2. There is no deadline for the audit to be completed. Organizers say it will take weeks.
  3. Democrats have made multiple attempts to stop the audit but have, so fair, failed in court.
  4. Organizers say they are looking for watermarks on ballots, but not because watermarks should appear: they say watermarks should not appear.
  5. Organizers say they are not authorized to release any of their findings along the way.
  6. Arizona is one of several important states where Donald Trump enjoyed an initial lead, only to have it disappear as questioned mail-in, dropbox, and absentee votes were counted.
  7. The vast majority of votes cast in Arizona, 2.1 million of nearly 3.4 million ballots, were cast in one county: Maricopa.
  8. According to the official tally, Biden beat Trump by 10,457 votes, or 0.3 percent.
  9. Over 70,000 more people voted in Maricopa County in 2020 than in 2016.
  10. Biden is only the second Democrat to win Arizona in 70 years.

Watch the Gateway Pundit’s interview with Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett below:


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15 thoughts on “10 Takeaways from Maricopa County, Arizona 2020 election audit”

  1. I just would like to see the results! If we need to change our elections in our state to work better and safer we need to! We need to make sure every voter is identified as a citizen in Arizona properly..

  2. 2+2=5 Something is not adding up. Good to learn what this is, Including verifying Biden actually was the most popular man on planet earth ever, on Nov 3, 2020.

    That doesn’t add up either. But unions gotta union and do have a fine GOTV stormtrooper network in place. No Clinton screwups allowed this time.

    When your government union job existentially depends on who runs the show, you better believe the unions and their family and friend show up ….. and in startling numbers considering 20 million of them now live off the taxpayer payroll.

    Two outcomes: (1) Government employees are a formidable force on election day; or (2) Trump won and got cheated.

    1. Obama was the lefts golden child, you mean to tell me Biden got more votes than Obama and trump! No way it didn’t happen and he is not a legitimate president

    1. Yep. And the numbers are about the same in Georgia (around 12,000). They estimate the poll workers caught on video processing fraudulent ballots after tricking the poll watchers into leaving for the night processed about 18,000 ballots.

  3. Regardless of the results, Biden is already the president, perhaps unelected, perhaps imposed by those who control politics, to whom President Trump, AND his policies that the people come first, bothered like a stone in their. shoes, And they had to get rid of him, and Biden From the basement of his house and with the help of his friend Obama and other corrupt politicians they made the job possible.

  4. “No matter what the results are, organizers say they will not impact 2020 election results; the audit is to identify areas where improvement may be needed.”

    If that were true, we would not see so many people/organizations trying to stop the audit. Sure, it probably won’t affect the 2020 elections because the elections have passed duh, but I bet it will eventually send many, many people to jail. Especially “the most popular President in history” and his handlers.

  5. Thanks Sharyl, you cut to the chase on things like this quickly and it is much appreciated. We live in Arizona and received a ballot request form for our son who hasn’t lived with us in 20 years and never in Arizona when he did live with us.

  6. The absolute reason Democrats should not be allowed to take Federal control of elections.
    Won’t fix the last election but will help stop them from stealing the next one.

  7. It’s probably unlikely but I would love to see local election officials up to the Secretary of State and attorney general go to jail if they presided over an election with massive fraud. No one should be able to claim ignorance on this one at any level of the chain.

  8. Stanley Schneider

    #6 is totally incorrect. Trump never led in the Arizona count. As a matter of fact, Biden was so far ahead on election night, that Fox News called the state for Biden.

  9. I heartily agree with the organizers; DO NOT use this to change the election regardless of result.
    (The legal issues and civil unrest would be unimaginable.)

    Rather if irregularities are found:
    1. Use this to demand and JUSTIFY voter integrity measures in ALL states, and include no private money is to be given to the election districts or to pay for election officials.
    2 Make this a 2022 (and 2024) campaign issue (dishonesty of the Democrat Party)

    In any event we CANNOT allow HR1 to pass, that would remove States’ ability to determine the election process. Delay, stall, anything…….

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