2020 ballots in Fulton Co., Georgia to be rescanned

Both sides in a 2020 election dispute in Georgia are set to meet tomorrow morning at the Fulton County ballot storage area.

That after a Georgia judge earlier ordered absentee ballots in the 2020 election be unsealed.

The ballots will be scanned anew by county officials as representatives from both sides observe.

According to The Epoch Times, “a group of voters filed a petition last year asking for a forensic inspection of mail-in ballots that were sent in for the 2020 election. The petition alleged an abnormal vote increase for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and an abnormal reduction in President Donald Trump’s tabulation, among other alleged abnormalities.”

County officials opposed the unsealing of the ballots.

Read more in The Epoch Times (paywall).

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13 thoughts on “2020 ballots in Fulton Co., Georgia to be rescanned”

  1. If machine tabulation was implemented to both speed up vote counting and to ensure an accurate count (i.e. machines don’t make mistakes), then why is it that repeated machine tabulations of the same votes don’t yield the exact same count?

    1. Garland from VoterGa.org who filed the lawsuit says the even the ballot images that were provided don’t match the hand recount by a significant margin.

    2. In Georgia, the issue is searching for fake ballots and machine marked ballot entries, using higher resolution scans for marks and folds, and ballot paper quality assessments. It is not just “re-counting” the ballots originally cast.

      No wonder their elections officials want to bring this to a complete halt. Protecting their own jobs is job one right now. Who gets the blame if the audit does show massive ballot fraud? Lots of issues up in the air besides just who won or lost the election. Lots more.

  2. Decertification of the elections are imminent.
    Here’s another tidbit to fall out of Georgia.
    950 Military ballots went 950-Biden Trump-0
    Other races were effected. Ugly in Georgia.

  3. The problem is that this does nothing to help sift out or address any fraudulent ballots that may have been mixed into the ballot stream. There were stories (and video) of carts full of boxed ballots being delivered late at night. There were reports of ballot workers and observers noting boxes of ballots which looked like they had been filled out via machine. If there are fraudulent ballots in the population of ballots being scanned, all this will do will be to reinforce the narrative that “the rescan didn’t reveal any problems, therefore there wasn’t any fraud”.

    1. Which means that the only outcome that you (and doubtless many others) will accept is that there was indeed fraud. Cheers, Phil

  4. We do not need to recount fraudulent ballots as if they are valid ballots. We need the type of “forensic audit” recommended by tech expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer to identify which ballots are fraudulent ballots so they can be excluded from the counts …. See PJMedia 12/30/2020 article by Victoria Taft: “Tech Expert Shocks GA Election Fraud Hearing with News He ‘Got Into’ Voting System with WiFi”- https://pjmedia.com/election/victoria-taft/2020/12/30/tech-expert-shocks-ga-election-fraud-hearing-with-news-he-got-into-voting-system-with-wifi-n1293439
    Sharyl, please contact JovanHuttonPulitzer ™ #JovanHuttonPulitzer @JovanHPulitzer for key insights that I think you may find very helpful to your great follow-up investigative reporting.

  5. Jovan Pulitzer’s website is tracking this and offering good insights – he explains all the “scanning” technical issues that he wants to see audited in this review. Good one to bookmark.

    He is the brilliant inventor and multiple patent holder – invented the “hash tag” but explains everything in very down to earth accessible terms.

  6. Trump told his supporters to not vote by mail, If you recount the votes and separate them by in person and mail in ballots, of course it will look different. Get over it!

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