2020 Voter fraud: Police say Penn. women tried to cast mail-in ballots on behalf of dead people

Two Pennsylvania women face voter fraud charges after each allegedly tried to cast a mail-in ballot on behalf of their mothers in the 2020 election.

The problem is: both mothers are dead.

Prosecutors say the system caught the fraud before it was committed.

The suspects are Danielle Elaine Dooner and Melissa Ann Fisher. They are reportedly charged with third degree misdemeanors.

Fisher’s mother died on Sept. 21, 2020 but Fisher allegedly signed a declaration claiming to be her mother when attempting to vote after the mom’s death. Fisher is quoted as telling reporters “It was nothing intentional.”

Prosecutors apparently went to great lengths to root out alleged fraud. Authorities say detectives obtained DNA samples from ballots and voters, took handwriting samples, served search warrants for IP addresses for electronic mail-in ballot application submission, and reviewed surveillance video, among other steps.

No such known detective work was conducted in dozens of cases of allegations of widespread fraud around the country in the 2020 election.

Prior to the arrests of the two women, a Pennsylvania man received five years probation for casting an illegal ballot on behalf of his dead mother. Bruce Bartman called it “a stupid mistake.”

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6 thoughts on “2020 Voter fraud: Police say Penn. women tried to cast mail-in ballots on behalf of dead people”

  1. Rebecca Borchers

    LOCK THEM UP! I believe in equal justice. Deny bail & throw away the key, just like has happened to those who walked into the Capitol on January 6th!

  2. It will be a time consuming and intentional effort, but I’m confident the mass voter fraud in our 2020 presidential election will be exposed.

  3. Voter fraud cruise we need stricter voter laws. You cannot tolerate voter fraud if we want 100% percent confidence in our election system. We must have ID laws and strict mail-in voting systems

  4. Voter fraud proves we must have stricter voter regulations. ID laws must be enforce and mail in ballot must have strict rules. This is the only way we will have 100% confidence in our election system.

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