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3 thoughts on “Alzheimers Cure or Mind Game? (PODCAST)”

  1. Hi Sharyl, I’m not certain this will reach you…..but here goes….Your recent article about Alzheimer’s was of great interest to me and my wife…I read about Aducanumab in late 2016 as it was initially developed in Zurich, Switzerland much earlier. I was struck by the testing they did and the amazing results they achieved . I dismissed it after not hearing about any progress until Bio-Gen appeared with their product….At first I understand that the product was to be released in March 2021, not its June of 2021, Maybe. Hope so
    Anyway, maybe one of your staff could research this a little and provide a little more background info.
    Hope so.

    By the way, we never miss one of your Full Measures.

    Thanks so much for your time.

    Mike Vadnais
    Gardnerville, Nevada

  2. My experience with my dementia care giving 24/7 for the past 2 years of a family member. I got the blood pressure regulated through diet and supplements. Sugar is the enemy. When sugar is consumed be it in foods or booze dementia takes hold for about a week with nothing but problems. Doc prescribed a drug that I researched 1st and would have done more harm than good because you can’t stop using it due to withdraws. I noticed cognitive decline started soon after a second smart meter was installed on our house. One on each side of the house for the gas & elec. Then there was a study connecting Aluminum to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In 2006 I noticed occasional chemtrailing. By 2009 it was all the time! These trails are dumping nano particles of Aluminum that has saturated EVERYTHING. Alzheimer’s & Dementia had become an epidemic in my county in Southern Ca. by 265%. increase. 48% Asthma… which I had start in 2009. Chemtrails are real and I feel are attributing to this condition. Aluminum is a neurotoxin.

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