Alzheimer’s Cure & Controversy; Summer Travel; Tomb of the Unknowns

Is the first true cure for early Alzheimer’s disease on the horizon?

The makers of still unapproved drug aducanumab say — maybe. But there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the promise.

Watchdogs say there’s little to no evidence the drug actually works, and they claim FDA officials have collaborated too closely with the maker of the drug to try to get it to market.

Sunday on Full Measure we’ll hear both sides.

Also, as travel begins to open up, Scott Thuman tracks what we can expect this summer. Where will international travel be opening up the fastest? How much money has been lost to lack of business and tourist travel?

And as we approach Memorial Day, it’s a fitting time to remember the Tomb of the Unknowns and what it’s all about.

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2 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Cure & Controversy; Summer Travel; Tomb of the Unknowns”

  1. Lee. C.. Parker

    Once again…my father died in vain and at the hands of big Pharma and mad men Doctors who made him a guinea pig…under the oversight of the FDA…
    NOW Justice is being metted to past heinous act by the Boy Scouts, asbestos purvayers and any issue that can afford big money lawyers.
    But…our Family gets a two speak…Big Pharma/Eli Lilly kills trusting people and gets away Scot free…sad…So left for me is keep. Them and the Gov’t guessing what I’ll do ….next….at this point in my life… No telling.

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