CDC official Anne Schuchat resigns after controversial tenure

Dr. Anne Schuchat

The number two official at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Anne Schuchat, has announced her retirement.

The announcement comes days after the CDC did a sudden reversal on recommended mask mandates. The agency says wearing masks is no longer necessary for fully vaccinated people. Prior to the announcement, government officials were speculating that mask mandates would be in effect in many places indefinitely.

Both CDC and Schuchat have battled a series of medical controversies.

Schuchat once falsely testified that vaccines cannot cause brain damage. See link below.

More recently, Schuchat presided over the embarrassment of CDC distributing false information about effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines for people who’ve already had Covid. See link below.

Schuchat has also falsely stated that there’s no link between vaccines and autism, even as the agency’s own top immunization official acknowledged the possibility that vaccines can trigger autism in susceptible children; the government’s top pro-vaccine medical expert testified vaccines can “rarely” cause autism, after all; autism was added to the warning label of a now-discontinued vaccine; the government has paid damages in numerous cases of vaccine injuries where autism was the result; a senior CDC scientist testified that he and others at CDC have covered up autism links in studies; and many studies have suggested links between vaccines and autism.

Meantime, the autism rate has skyrocketed in the U.S. with CDC not developing a cohesive strategy to address it other than a sending a strong public message that it has nothing to do with vaccination or the tripling of the vaccine schedule for children in the 1990s.

For more information on vaccines and autism, and links to government information, click here.

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8 thoughts on “CDC official Anne Schuchat resigns after controversial tenure”

  1. What’s the waiting period between leaving a federal agency and then working for the industry you were supposed to be monitoring? My guess is that she’s got a nice job lined up working for pHARMa. Julie Gerberding style.

  2. She’s feeling the truth squeezing in from all sides and that’s when the rats jump ship with their millions in bribe money.

  3. Vaccines, like any medicine, do cause at least some side effects, including death. A central issue in all medication is to compare the good sides with bad sides.

    Everybody, in every single question of medication and diet, should always take their personal situation into account. Sometimes you need medication, sometimes the risk is too much for possible gain. Sometimes it is a question of timing. The risk and possible gain both can change with time.

    Nobody lives forever, but with right medication, we will live longer and healthier. That said, I took a shot against Covid, had not adverse effects, and I don’t recommend paying too much attention to rare cases. The medical community always identifies factors of risk in both taking and not taking medicine. In this particular case, the big advantages of the shot are for elder and men, while children might have minimal advantages.

    The peculiar success of China (and Taiwan, Vietnam) in preventing Corona deaths.

    If we trust the CCP (and why would we not!), Covid kills about 1000 times more Hungarian people than Chinese per capita. I wonder if they actually had an early vaccine because they knew something about the virus the rest of the world did not know? Or what is the reason? It is ‘peculiar’ a virus breaks out in China, and China is almost least affected by it, and by a big factorwise margin to the West in terms of death.

    What is clear (since this fact is not dependent on CCP letting it out) is that Hungary (world #1) is over 50% worse than the US per capita.

    The 17 countries/territories that are worse off than the US (in deaths per capita) are almost all European, Brazil (13) and Peru (14) as exceptions. [Worldometers]

    If the virus before breaking into wild was initially grown (by purpose or by accident) for some time in humanized mouses that had their receptor genes (ACE2 and NRP1) variant from a European background, this is exactly what should have happened. There are multiple genetic and acquired factors playing their part. Vietnam, Taiwan and China being along a few islands and remote places is still too good to be explained with disregard of human rights only. It seems people originating from East-Asia are less prone to dying from Covid worldwide. What an accident.

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