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3 thoughts on “Child Sex Abuse and Trafficking in the US and Hollywood (PODCAST)”

    1. Barbara Shearer

      So here is how it works! The people that should care don’t. A couple of years ago I was looking something up. Up popped information on getting child sex. I hate this and immediately contacted the org against child exploitation, they said contact your police dept, I did, they had an officer put his head around the corner. Says call the FBI because it involved Canada. I called them. I was told to go to their website. Didn’t bother, as that was to me no interest. Next I contacted the city in Canada and not much there so you see no one that should, cares. I no longer have the data, new phone but….
      1958 Portsmouth, NH a car in the rotary and a naked girl hanging out of a car hollering help. My sister and I go into the Howard Johnson’s and ask to use the phone explains the need. Was told to go to the parking lot phone. Call the cops and they said it’s probably a prank. So no one caring is nothing new.
      No one cares to get involved. Sickening.

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