Child sex trafficking; Russia v. Ukraine; Right to repair

One surprising consequence of the Covid-19 shutdowns, says law enforcement, is an uptick in child abuse and sex trafficking in the U.S.

The scope of the problem is startling and it stretches from the poorest neighborhoods to the rich and famous.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll take a deep dive into what’s really happening to so many children. And it takes us all the way to Hollywood where entertainment industry insiders say it’s an open secret.

Also, Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine is an issue that’s bleeding over into the the U.S. as Russian president Putin is said to be testing western resolve. We ask Scott Thuman to explain what the whole conflict is about and why it matters to us.

And Lisa Fletcher tells us about an interesting challenge you’ve likely never given much thought to: the “right to repair.” It’s a report about how lifesaving medical equipment sometimes sits idle for months because the manufacturers corner the market on repairing it, and there aren’t enough technicians. Independent repairmen and women are asking the makers to open up their grip on the technical information so that the equipment can be fixed faster and get back to saving lives.

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2 thoughts on “Child sex trafficking; Russia v. Ukraine; Right to repair”

  1. Very good work, Ms. Attkisson, and I suspect you know how deep this “sex trafficking” business runs in Ukraine.

    Putin, of course, is hoping that people understand his POV. That is to say, he be obviously believes that his effort to grow Russia, while at the same, time, eliminating a flawed culture fRom Europe.

    Which is worse – the flawed culture (and the fact that Soros bankrolled Zelensky’s presidency = corruption), or Mr. Putin’s obvious war crimes?

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