Deaths of Elderly Who Recovered From COVID-19, but Died After Vaccine, Raise Questions

The following is an excerpt from my investigation in Epoch Times.

Two small clusters of deaths after COVID-19 vaccination have been reported among nursing homes in Kentucky and Arkansas.

In Kentucky, four seniors died the same day of their vaccination on Dec. 30, 2020. Three of the four who passed away reportedly already had had coronavirus prior to getting vaccinated.

In Arkansas, four seniors died at a long term care facility about a week after their vaccination. All tested positive for COVID-19 after vaccination.

The deaths are reported in a federal database called VAERS, the VaccineAdverse Event Reporting System.

Deaths after vaccination don’t necessarily mean the vaccine is to blame. Of those receiving coronavirus vaccines, many are elderly and frail, or already suffering from serious illnesses. That makes it difficult to know whether there’s a connection.

Kentucky Nursing Home Deaths

According to VAERS reports, the Kentucky deaths occurred on Dec. 30 after vaccinations with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. An ill 88-year-old woman who was “14 + days post covid” was given the Pfizer-BioNTech shot while she was “unresponsive in [her] room.” She died within an hour and a half (914961-1). An 88-year-old who was “15 days post covid” got the shot, was monitored for 15 minutes afterward, and passed away within 90 minutes (914994-1). A third report says an 88-year-old woman who was “14 + days post covid” vomited four minutes after receiving her shot, became short of breath, and passed away that night (915562-1). And an 85-year-old woman vaccinated at 5 p.m. was “found unresponsive” less than two hours later and died shortly after (915682-1).

In response to questions about the Kentucky cluster, a spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said its experts noted “no pattern … among the [Kentucky] cases that would indicate a concern for the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Scientists differ on whether people who have had coronavirus, like the Kentucky patients, should receive the COVID-19 vaccination at all. The CDC insists it’s safe for people who have recovered from COVID-19 to get vaccinated and that there’s no minimum interval recommended between infection and vaccination.

“Vaccination should be offered to persons regardless of history of prior symptomatic or asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 [the virus that causes COVID-19] infection,” it states.

But other scientists say vaccinating people who are already considered immune after a natural COVID-19 infection wastes valuable doses of vaccines when there are shortages. And neither Pfizer’s nor Moderna’s studies showed any benefit to vaccinating previously infected patients.

The Kentucky patients were vaccinated shortly after the CDC disseminated false information on this point. The CDC claimed studies showed that vaccines are effective for people who have had COVID-19. The disinformation was given on the agency’s website, in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report and in a webinar instruction to medical professionals.

In the webinar, the CDC’s Dr. Sarah Oliver falsely stated, “Data from both clinical trials suggests that people with prior infection are still likely to benefit from vaccination.”

Under pressure from Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who first flagged the CDC’s incorrect information in December, the agency recently issued a correction but used wording that still falsely implies studies showed that the vaccines helped people previously infected with COVID-19.

Meanwhile, preliminary results from a study co-authored by a team of more than two dozen researchers noted that people infected with COVID-19 in the past “experience systemic side effects with a significantly higher frequency” after vaccination than others.

The CDC confirms that it’s monitoring reports that people who’ve already had COVID-19 seem to be suffering significantly more frequent or more severe reactions after vaccination, or “reactogenicity,” than those who didn’t have COVID-19.

“CDC is aware of reports of increased reactogenicity (such as fever, chills, and muscle aches) in persons who have had COVID-19,” said a spokesman.

Arkansas Nursing Home Deaths

Four nursing home deaths in Arkansas occurred after vaccination with the Moderna-manufactured vaccine. All four patients tested positive for COVID-19 after vaccination, according to the VAERS reports. But there’s no indication as to whether they had coronavirus at the time of their vaccination or acquired it after their shot.

A 65-year-old man (921547-1) who received the Moderna vaccine on Jan. 2, 2021, died two days later, with the VAERS report noting that he tested positive for COVID-19. Three other Arkansas seniors died about a week after receiving the Moderna vaccine on Dec. 22, 2020. The person reporting the death of an 82-year-old man (917117-1) six days after his shot said he was vaccinated in an attempt to “mitigate his risk” and that “this was unsuccessful and [the] patient died.” The VAERS report notes, “After vaccination, patient tested positive for COVID-19.”

Two elderly women, ages 90 (917790-1) and 78 (917793-1), were vaccinated the same day as the 65-year-old man and also tested positive for COVID-19 about a week after their shots and died. According to the unnamed person who reported the 90-year-old’s death, “the vaccine did not have enough time to prevent COVID 19” and “There is no evidence that the vaccination caused patient’s death. It simply didn’t have time to save her life.”

The person who reported the 78-year-old’s death claimed she died “as a result of COVID-19 and her underlying health conditions and not as a result of the vaccine.”

In response to questions about the Arkansas cluster, the CDC said, “Surveillance data to date do not indicate excess deaths among elderly patients receiving COVID-19 vaccinations.” Overall, the agency says, the number of deaths at long-term care facilities after COVID-19 vaccinations is no higher than what would be expected to occur naturally.

Frail Patients

Separately, the CDC is monitoring the impact of the vaccines on already-frail patients such as the chronically ill in nursing homes.

In Norway, alarm bells sounded when 23 people died shortly after vaccination. After investigating 13 of the deaths, Norway’s medical agency has concluded side effects that are common with the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, such as fever, nausea, and diarrhea, “may have contributed to fatal outcomes in some of the frail patients.”

“There is a possibility that these common adverse reactions, that are not dangerous in fitter, younger patients and are not unusual with vaccines, may aggravate underlying disease in the elderly,” said Steinar Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency.

A World Health Organization (WHO) expert panel disagrees. It says the deaths “are in line with the expected, all-cause mortality rates and causes of death in the sub-population of frail, elderly individuals, and the available information does not confirm a contributory role for the vaccine in the reported fatal events.”

But one unanswered question is whether patients who are both frail and have already had COVID-19 might suffer a double-whammy that puts them at greater risk when vaccinated. First, those with a previous COVID-19 infection might be more likely to suffer adverse events upon vaccination, according to scientific reports. Second, their frailty may make them less able to handle the adverse events, as Norway’s medical agency found with some patients.

In the United States, VAERS reports contain numerous other cases of elderly, frail people who’d had COVID-19, got vaccinated, and died.

A 96-year-old Ohio woman tested positive for COVID-19 in November, got the Pfizer vaccine on Dec. 28, 2020, in a rehab facility after a fall, and died that afternoon (915920-1).

A 94-year-old Michigan man at a senior living facility who had COVID-19 and other illnesses received the Moderna vaccine on Jan. 2 and died of cardiac arrest two days later (918487-1).

A 91-year-old Michigan woman with Alzheimer’s and other illnesses at a senior living facility who had tested positive for COVID-19 received the Moderna vaccine on Dec. 30, 2020. She died four days later (924186-1).

And an 85-year-old California woman with Alzheimer’s and other disorders at a senior living facility received the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine on Jan. 5 and was found dead the same day. After her vaccination, an earlier COVID-19 test from Jan. 3 returned positive, though she’d had no symptoms (924456-1).

In other cases, elderly, frail patients tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after vaccination.

A 104-year-old woman in New York received the Pfizer vaccine on Dec. 30, 2020. The next day, a COVID-19 test was done and came back positive. She became ill the following day and died on Jan. 4. (920832-1).

And a 71-year-old New York man received the Moderna vaccine on Dec. 21, 2020, developed a fever and respiratory distress, and tested positive for COVID-19. He was given Remdesivir. He died after six days (922977-1).

A WHO vaccine safety subcommittee reviewed reports of deaths among the frail, elderly after the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. The members determined, two weeks ago, there’s no cause for concern.

“The benefit-risk balance of [Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine] BNT162b2 remains favorable in the elderly, and does not suggest any revision, at present, to the recommendations around the safety of this vaccine,” said the WHO officials.

Pfizer, Moderna, and CDC Responses

In response to questions for this report, Pfizer issued a statement saying: “We take adverse events that are potentially associated with our COVID-19 vaccine, BNT162b2, very seriously. We closely monitor all such events and collect relevant information to share with global regulatory authorities. Based on ongoing safety reviews performed by Pfizer, BioNTech, and health authorities, BNT162b2 retains a positive benefit-risk profile for the prevention of COVID-19 infections.”

Pfizer said that millions of people have been vaccinated and that “serious adverse events, including deaths that are unrelated to the vaccine, are unfortunately likely to occur at a similar rate as they would in the general population.”

Pfizer didn’t answer whether it has concluded that any deaths might be linked to vaccination. It also wouldn’t answer whether it has looked at any clusters of deaths, or noted any patterns or areas of concern. And the company wouldn’t say whether it recommends that those recently or currently infected with COVID-19 get vaccinated.

Moderna didn’t answer our questions or respond to a request for information and comment by press time.

Currently, the CDC recommends vaccination for people who’ve already had coronavirus.

The agency didn’t directly answer the question of whether it’s safe for people to get vaccinated while they have an active COVID-19 infection. A CDC spokesman said that deferring vaccination is recommended in those instances, but didn’t say whether it was due to a safety issue.

“Vaccination of persons with known current SARS-CoV-2 infection should be deferred until the person has recovered from the acute illness (if the person had symptoms) and criteria have been met for them to discontinue isolation,” says the CDC. “This recommendation applies to persons who develop SARS-CoV-2 infection before receiving any vaccine doses as well as those who develop SARS-CoV-2 infection after the first dose but before receipt of the second dose.”

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36 thoughts on “Deaths of Elderly Who Recovered From COVID-19, but Died After Vaccine, Raise Questions”

    1. So does ZInc. I have been using ZInc Sulphate tablets (250mg 2 tabs X3 a day) to abort colds as soon as they appear since 1992. I used them for myself and recommended them for my patients. They are now recommended by the Cochrane Collaboration.

      I had enormous success with this when working as a family doctor.
      My own usual colds reduced enormously from 14 days to 1-2 days.
      Many/ most colds are coronavirus.

      Interestingly the mechanism of action of Zinc is the same as Ivermectin:

      Now I cant give individual medical advice (Im retired, no insurance) but this is something we should all consider seriously.
      We have to step out of the mould that has us all in the thrall of the wealthy.

    2. Zinc, along with Vitamin D and hydroxychloroquine Also, nebulized hydrogen peroxide, as well as topical and per os Ivermectin have been shown to be quite effective both prophylactically and post-covid infection.

  1. Thank you for your article. It is nice to have a well referenced article to share with others who still think this is a good idea to take “experimental” shots that have caused. Deaths and neurological deficits. The pro/con or risk/benefit ratio tips to “no thanks”. I’m amazed that they gave this to an unresponsive elderly patient who had recently had covid19 …ridiculous!

  2. Here’s a snippet from Dr. Simone Gold’s speech on Jan. 3 (See

    “One of the most commonly known complications of vaccines is something called ‘antibody-dependent enhancement’ … When they were doing a study on SARS-Cov1 back in 2005, they came up with a vaccine, and they gave it to the ferrets and with two doses once a day and the ferrets did fine after the first dose; they did fine after the second dose. Later, they exposed them to the coronavirus SARS1 in the wild, and the ferrets died. That’s why SARS-Cov1 vaccine never came to market.”

    1. I have been searching for this study for months, so many people mention it but I cannot find it anywhere, do you have a link or can you point me in the direction? TIA

  3. Before vaccinating the elderly and frail, that demographic needs to be vitamin D sufficient to ensure any immune response to the vaccine doesn’t get out of hand. Excerpt: ” It is known that in the presence of vitamin D deficiency, vaccines are less likely to produce an immune response.”

    Unfortunately, World wide, the public health sector insists that “There are insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of vitamin D for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.”

    On March 23, 2020 this comment, attributed to former CDC Director Tom Frieden, was published. “As we race to develop effective treatments and a vaccine against COVID-19, people are looking to reduce their risk of getting sick. One thing that might help is as obvious as the sun in the sky and as close as your medicine cabinet – Vitamin D.”

    May 11, 2020 – The Government should immediately change recommendations for vitamin D
    supplements as a matter of urgency by urging all adults to take them during the coronavirus
    pandemic, according to scientists at Trinity College Dublin.

    Nov. 26, 2020 – The position paper, published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science, urges
    policymakers to recognise the protective role of vitamin D against COVID-19 infection,
    encouraging a vitamin D policy to be enacted in relation to this specific issue in the absence of a
    current cure or safe and effective vaccine. The paper outlines how vitamin D deficiency is an
    easily reversible host factor that increases the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection, after emerging
    evidence showed deficiency can worsen disease severity. The authors of the paper urge
    policymakers to re-examine whether vitamin D supplementation can significantly lessen these
    risks and update its public health guidance for the Irish population.

    The idea that COVID-19 infection and complications can be prevented by maintaining vitamin D
    sufficiency must have been widely publicized in Ireland but not elsewhere because the daily
    new deaths curve for Ireland remained flat for the last four months of 2020 despite fluctuations
    in the daily new cases curve.

    Jan. 10, 2021 – “In March, as coronavirus deaths in the UK began to mount, two hospitals in
    northeast England began taking vitamin D readings from patients and prescribing them with
    extremely high doses of the nutrient. Studies had suggested that having sufficient levels of
    vitamin D, which is created in the skin’s lower layers through the absorption of sunlight, plays a
    central role in immune and metabolic function and reduces the risk of certain
    community-acquired respiratory illnesses. But the conclusions were disputed, and no official
    guidance existed. When the endocrinology and respiratory units at Newcastle upon Tyne
    Hospitals NHS foundation trust made an informal recommendation to its clinicians to prescribe
    vitamin D, the decision was considered unusual. ‘Our view was that this treatment is so safe
    and the crisis is so enormous that we don’t have time to debate,’ said Dr Richard Quinton, a
    consultant endocrinologist at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.”

    “By April, Public Health England had revised its vitamin D guidelines, wary of people’s reduced
    exposure to the sun during lockdown. Whereas once it had suggested only taking small doses
    in the winter, now it advised everyone to take a daily dose all year round, which was the
    pre-existing advice only for people with dark skin, those in care homes and children aged one to
    four. But it didn’t run an information campaign to inform the public of the change, nor tell those
    at greater risk to increase their intake, and the majority of people remained unaware of the
    nutrient’s potential effect.”

    Closing paragraph from a January 5, 2021 Op-Ed authored, in part, by Richard Carmona: “It is our responsibility as physicians not to wait for perfect evidence when making life-and-death decisions. Given the safety profile of vitamin D, the 40% prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the U.S., and the fact that this season will likely be the deadliest phase of the pandemic to date, we need to act now. Identifying and eradicating vitamin D deficiency with early and aggressive supplementation in COVID-19 has the potential to save thousands of lives and should be one of our highest public health priorities.”

    As in the UK, public health messages admonishing the public to ensure vitamin D sufficiency are not in evidence.

    1. re This comment:
      “Unfortunately, World wide, the public health sector insists that “There are insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of vitamin D for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.”
      The way we do science generates rubbish answers like this.
      GIven the acknowledged value of Vit D all clinical questions need to be phrased in the negative rather than the positive. ie is there proof that having a low Vit D is beneficial- rather than the other way round.

    2. Penny W Wittbrodt

      Dr. Fauci, in a September interview with Jennifer Garner, revealed he had been taking vitamins D and C throughout the pandemic to boost his immunity. 9 months and 209,000 Americans lost and he couldn’t be bothered to give this advice from his official platform? Though not the most vile of his many sins, I’d have to say it’s in the top 20. That man needs to face charges. I went through HELL with covid and all of it was unnecessary. Government over reach has been the silent killer.
      Here’s my story.

  4. The ironic thing is that the lockdowns are supposed to be to protect “grandma “. You know when the government removes the basketball hoops from the city parks so the kids can’t play anymore. So they turn to street violence instead? ?. But it’s to “protect grandma “ ?

    1. Glenn,

      Replace your term, “government,” with this one, for a far deeper/better understanding :

      A C L U .

      Communists have infiltrated every U.S. Federal AGENCY, including the CDC!—as that GIANT of a man, Joseph McCarthy, had warned us what would happen, but was murdered in Bethesda Hospital for uncovering a deadly and widespread COMMUNIST conspiracy in Washington D.C.

      Find and study this SHOCKING/Revealing book about it, “Blacklisted By History—The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies,” by M. Stanton Evans.

      And before it’s driven down Leftism’s rabbit hole, find and study this book about past, Left-Hatched CONSPIRACIES—“Hidden History,” by Donald Jeffries.

      Joe McCarthy, if he had been allowed to proceed, would have buried the ACLU.

      But alas . . . :


      1. The US government is infiltrated by corporatist oligarchs- who serve wealthy capital. They are the opposite of communists.
        The corporatist oligarchs and the communists both believe in large state and hierarchical decision making structures, but that is where the similarity ends.
        Left wing = dispersal of wealth. Right wing = concentration of wealth. Left and right are opposites of each other, just as corporatism and libertarianism are opposites- along different axes.
        It disturbs me that so many Americans do not see how the wool has been pulled over their eyes here.

        1. I tthink it’s more likely that the same evil psychopaths, whoever they are, now control government, corporations and the media.


  6. Are we still allowed to ask questions about Covid-19 and vaccines? Don’t all questions have to come from a list approved by Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and The New York Times?

  7. Why would people trust information provided from a government agency? Years have now passed while the shameless betrayal of the agencies to political outcomes they and their responsible managers have decided to follow. In a word, corruption has become an acceptable form of bureaucratic management. The media fully supports the idea that any means to an end is acceptable, perhaps admired, if the agency and the media agree. For now, it’s Democrats setting the performance criteria. In time, there will be no checking the political corruption of a too powerful government.

      1. Too bad. We speak out and we are silenced. While I’m watching my 77 year old mother die. She got the vaccines in April. She was fine before that and suddenly has a heart arrhythmia.

  8. Was just reading a report this morning that mentioned the death rates in nursing homes, which are already very high because people do not tend to be there unless they are close to death. Depending on what study you look at, it seems to be less than a year. According to this one, for instance, median stay in a nursing home before death was 5 months; more than half of people died within a year– 53% within 6 months–and average length of stay was 14 months (because of the less than half who lived more than a year):

    No one wants to take an action that will make anyone die earlier. But the sudden death of these people is not unusual, and at least one of the people mentioned above was “unresponsive in her bed” BEFORE receiving a shot (so why give it??) .

    If a large percentage of Covid deaths are in nursing homes, we are talking about a very frail population whose life expectancy upon entering is not two years, and in half the cases not 6 months. If the hospitalization and death rates were about the same across the population, the panic we’ve seen might be justified. But the people in public health owe it to the rest of us to tell us exactly how many people under about the age of 80 AND who are not obese or very ill have died or required hospitalization. This would seem to be the MINIMUM information needed to make a coherent public policy about vaccinations, or anything else.

  9. Connie zimmermann

    I have a 69 year old Veteran friend who at this very minute may be experience side effects of the vaccine. He has been through a living HELL over the last year, due to having a minor stroke (or something as it was never actually diagnosed) just after the Corona hysteria began and is a VA patient and was shipped around from hospital to hospital and never actually treated for his stroke, He had congestive heart failure which is now under control, and also diabetes, which also seems to be under control, but his care was so hit and miss it’s surreal. He’s now ended up in a nursing home, which seems to be much better than other places he’s landed, and he was actually finally making progress in his speech and his strength. Over the last month and a half he received two doses of the vaccine, and now over the last 5 days he had fainted on multiple occasions and I just got off of the phone with him as he described being so weak he couldn’t get himself out of his wheelchair and was very frightened that he was going to pass out again and hit the floor. The last time he hit his head. I do believe in coincidences, these new health issues are bizarre, and don’t fit his profile and I have no idea what to do. Because the health profession is so completely intent on denying vaccine reaction and injury, they will never actually try to solve the problem. If they deny it, they’ll never work to mitigate the damage. I felt so helpless just now. He had me on speakerphone as two staff members came it to get him into bed. One tried, but couldn’t manage him because he is so weak. Sadly, I assume that they’ll just leave him in bed now. I hope not. I hope they call the staff doctor. This is a nightmare. All of it. It’s patient abuse by the government.

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