(FORUM) Border crisis: the problem isn’t just the crowded facilities

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The crisis at America’s southern border doesn’t only have to do with crowded children and adults in holding facilities.

Even if the same number of people are admitted to the U.S. and moved through without spending time in overcrowded facilities, there remains the crisis of the thousands upon thousands of illegal border crossers entering the U.S., many to never be seen in the court system.

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10 thoughts on “(FORUM) Border crisis: the problem isn’t just the crowded facilities”

  1. I don’t know if all that is being said is actually happening. I would like to see the military simply close the border and monitor legal traffic. We have no effective immigration policy.

  2. First of all, this country takes in over one million legal immigrants per year. That is more than all other countries on average. The real problem with our system is that approx. 85% of legal immigration per year is granted to ” chain migration” applicants.
    We need to reduce this number so other people can come here legally without having to break our laws.
    But most importantly, we need to stop ” illegal immigration” and fairly deal with those that have been in this country for many years and only know this country as their home.
    We can fix this problem easily but first we have to stop the flow of illegal immigration.
    This is what Trump was trying to achieve.

  3. We HAVE to know who is in our country. If thousands are roaming around “off the grid”, these ghosts’ ability to function completely outside the law will put innocent minors and law abiding people at risk. How do you catch a criminal who doesn’t “exist”?

  4. This has to be stopped. We cannot continue to absorb this many indigent people into our country. We can’t even take care of our own homeless and underprivileged.

  5. I personally believe the United States should have built a complete wall, high speed roads, and military bases along the border after 9/11. In addition all persons in country who have overstayed their visa need to be deported. Third. Stop rewarding law breaking with benefits like citizenship, education, health care, or any other social welfare program.

  6. DC spends more time representing those at the border than US citizens. We’re no longer a sovereign nation. How can we ask those overseas to wait in line, follow our laws, when they see what’s happening on our border? Why not just let anyone in, whether they run across the border or fly into the US? It’s disgusting.

  7. It’s not immigration, it’s an invasion.
    This is the fundamental changes the Obama’s always wanted.
    Flood the cities and demand rezoning in the suburbs…and bingo, never lose an election for another 20 years.

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