Nurse says she’ll give up her job before getting experimental Covid-19 vaccine

A nurse at Houston Methodist Hospital has started a petition against her hospital’s mandatory vaccine policy. That’s according to a report from Becker’s Hospital Review.

Houston Methodist Hospital is reportedly the first hospital in the U.S. to implement a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine policy for staff.

The hospital has given employees until June 7 to get the vaccine or get fired, says Becker’s Hospital Review.

Jennifer Bridges, a Registered Nurse at the Houston hospital reportedly says she wants more time for the FDA to study the three vaccines before taking one.

In the meantime, we’ll wear N-95s, face shields. We’ll do what the CDC says is perfectly safe. Just let us be comfortable because once you inject it you can’t take it back out.

Jennifer Bridges, RN, Houston Methodist Hospital

About 23,000 of 26,000 employed by the hospital have reportedly gotten the vaccine.

Almost 5,000 people have signed Bridges’ petition against the hospital’s mandatory vaccine policy.

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7 thoughts on “Nurse says she’ll give up her job before getting experimental Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. I have been told by an employee that
    Bassett Hospital Chain in Coopertown and upstate New York
    required vaccination to keep your job over a month ago.
    Some publicly funded private institutions, which I won’t mention in this
    message window, are offering a day off with pay if you get vaccinated. Where is that
    money coming from in the Budget?

  2. This nurse needs to contact this organization which makes it abundantly clear that mandating employees get a shot (this is not a true vaccine) is ILLEGAL. It violates FEDERAL LAW. So yeah, she most definitely has a legal leg on which to stand if I am reading this correctly:

    She needs an attorney and fast, or she can modify the letter they provide and send it to the hospital herself.

    As noted in the letter, this shot is EXPERIMENTAL thus providing the ability of people to reject it.

    All of these employers, schools, etc., who are trying to force people to inject something into their bodies are way out of line, and this cannot be allowed to stand.

    Thanks for the great work you do, Ms. Attkisson – long time fan!

  3. I thought as an EXPERIMENTAL injection, it cannot be mandatory. What happened to the mantra “my body, my choice”?
    I wouldn’t want a blood transfusion from anyone that had the jab either. I think the blood supply will be tainted.
    People need to stand firm on the medical tyranny that has been unleashed on the citizens of this country and around the world.

  4. This nurse also already has natural t cell immunity provable by tests.
    She worked on the covid unit for this same hospital. She worked there 10 years. This is atrocious and Nuremberg code applies. They do not have LONG TERM data on what it does for those who had covid already. Experimental injections can not be mandatory. She needs to sue them. She has a good case. These vaccine passports do not take into account natural immunity either. And reaching herd immunity is possible IF THEY PRE- TESTED for t cell immunity to covid and only gave VOLUNTARY injections to those without t cell antibodies in the HIGH RISK population. Cases do not matter. Only hospitalizations and death matter. This whole thing is against science.

  5. I can’t find the nurse of I am strong believer of informed consent. So many people are forgetting that these are not normal vaccines and have not gone through the trials. This is called coercion.

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