One-third of U.S. adults are fully vaccinated against Covid-19

One in three Americans are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to Becker’s Hospital Review and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

More than half of Americans have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to CDC’s Covid Data Tracker Weekly Review, published April 23.

Two-point-nine (2.9) million Covid-19 vaccines were administered daily during the week of April 15th, says CDC. That’s down 12% from the week before.

The current weekly hospitalization average is down 65.9% from the peak seven-day average of 16,521 admissions reported January 9 of this year.

The most recent seven-day death average reported is 80% lower than the peak of 3,457 deaths January 13.

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5 thoughts on “One-third of U.S. adults are fully vaccinated against Covid-19”

  1. The China virus will not be cured by this so-called vaccine it will cause immune deficiency in its recipients .it is a gene therapy experimental shot that can not be reversed

  2. Robert Chesser

    Any idea about how many have natural immunity from overcoming the virus. Have to be approaching at least 200 million when combined.

  3. I would love to see Sharryl do a report in the truth about adverse reactions, because the propaganda coming from the unreliable media certainly isn’t telling the whole story.

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