Penn. man sentenced for casting ballot for dead mother in 2020 election

A Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to five years’ probation after admitting to casting an illegal ballot during the November 3 presidential election. That’s according to Epoch Times.

Bruce Bartman, 70, reportedly said he made a “stupid mistake” when he illegally cast a mail-in ballot for President Trump in his deceased mother’s name.

Bartman pled guilty to two counts of perjury and one count of unlawful voting.

In addition to five years’ probation, Bartman reportedly will not be allowed to vote in an election for four years, and cannot serve on a jury.

Bartman used his mother’s driver’s license to register his deceased mother to vote and to request an absentee mail-in ballot, says Epoch Times.

Bartman reportedly also registered his deceased mother-in-law to vote, but he did not receive an absentee ballot for her.

Many states are changing rules and laws surrounding absentee and mail-in voting following widespread allegations of fraud and mismanagement in the 2020 election.

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3 thoughts on “Penn. man sentenced for casting ballot for dead mother in 2020 election”

  1. Sandra Gail Gildroy

    I guess putting the ” r” between a and t made a big difference in intelligence. Nope, you are not Batman.

  2. Not mentioned in the linked article above, but a search for this individual’s name yields a few other reports. One example, the ‘International Business Times’ gleefully reports a quote from Bartman’s lawyer that: his client’s excuse for the fraudulent vote for President Trump was because he [Bartman} “…., was isolated by the pandemic and misled by Republican “propaganda.”

    Ahhh, yes! That evil Republican “propaganda.” was the problem. That’s explains everything. Nothing to see here, move along.

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