(POLL) 24% say they want Covid-19 vaccine or have already had it

Seventy-five percent (75%) of more than 3,100 people who took part in the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say they have not already had and do not want the Covid-19 vaccine.

Twenty-four percent (24%) say they want or have already had it. Separately, according to CDC, 37.8% of the total U.S. population has been fully vaccinated.

Do you want or have you already had Covid-19 vaccine?

24% Yes

75% No

1% Not sure

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12 thoughts on “(POLL) 24% say they want Covid-19 vaccine or have already had it”

  1. Very impressive result…75% of your readers have educated themselves about the serious dangers of the fake vaccine…it’s an insufficiently tested “genetic therapy.”

  2. I’ve been doing my own scientific research. I had COVID over Thanksgiving, 2020. I have been testing my antibodies monthly since and as of May 10th, I still have antibodies. This science would have been more than adequate in the past to show I’m protected.

    I want to see the data on individuals like me who had it and still have antibodies. How many of those have been reinfected? How many have come down with a variant? How many are like me and haven’t been reinfected.

    In my opinion, I’m better protected than those who received the experimental vaccine. Why do I feel this way? Because up until 2020, this is how the science worked.

    Moving forward we need to be able to use our Positive Antibody tests to travel and move about the country/world based on our immune systems. Not forced to take a vaccine we really don’t need. The vaccine doesn’t protect against variants and it’s reasonable to consider my COVID antibodies will not be full proof on a variant, but my immune system has learned about the virus from my past infection.

    1. My husband and I had it at the same exact t e as you. We both are still testing for antibodies and still do. I have a friend who still has his antibodies and his case was in March 2030. I agree more should be being mentioned and studied. My husband’s doctor even told him it would only last 90 days. Misinformed medical people or pushing a jab?

      1. Typing on my phone is never a good time. Apologize for typos. We had Covid Thanksgiving 2020 and my friend was March 2020 not 30. So sorry.

    2. Hi, you speak a lot of sense. I’ve been hoping to find more people like you and your way of thinking, sadly … there isn’t many of us.

      That said, can I ask … if you could share with me how you are testing for anti-bodies? I’m struggling to find anything accurate or useable.

      I’d be most grateful if you would be as kind to share with me, or point me in the right direction.

      Thanks in advance.

    3. The biggie is T cells. Antibodies roaring are great!! You are totally protected and have a better ability to fight off whatever “variants” come along bc you’ve had it. ??

  3. Americas Frontline Doctors have very detailed information on this very distructable shot ( it is not a vaccine)!
    How do we get the public to get educated before taking this shot? Fear, fear, fear!! That is what our government has “injected” into all Americans. Very sad.
    And why are these doctors not asked to be on Fox News, News Max or any other news stations along with the doctors that are telling us exactly what RNA is and how many people have survived this COVID with drugs that have been used for many years?
    Why aren’t the number of deaths reported to the public from this shot? Now they want to subject our kids to this.!
    Daystars Joni Table Talk and Ministry Now have had many doctors on their show telling of the damage this shot is known to have caused and the possibilities of future health damage.
    Wake up America and fight back or we will be at a point of no return.

    1. Most people, [who have taken the so called vaccine, despite the fact the FDA can’t and won’t approve it and despite the fact that the Big Rx companies are immune to law suits against mal practice being the “vaccine” is full of toxins (SM-102, look it up),] ARE COWARDS, my wife included. My wife said she took the vaccine because she was “worried what her family (mother, sister, brother and sister in law) would think”
      The loss of the power of critical thinking in it’s subjects is a win for the totalitarian state.

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