POLL: Only 1 in 3 Americans are obeying CDC Covid-19 guidelines

  • Most are ignoring CDC guidelines
  • Most say CDC did not provide reliable, fact-based guidelines throughout the pandemic
  • A majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents admitted they are not following CDC guidelines “very closely”

Only one in three , or 33% , of American voters say they are following CDC Covid-19 guidelines “very closely.”

That’s according to recent polling by Scott Rasmussen.

The large number of people not following CDC guidelines might reflect the fact that many Americans live in places that have not had extended lockdowns or other tight restrictions imposed in some cities and states.

Breaking it down by party, 48% of Democrats say they are following CDC guidelines very closely. Just 29% of Republicans are, as are 20% of Independent voters.

Also, according to the polling, half of voters now believe the worst of the pandemic is over. That’s up nine points in two weeks, says Rasmussen, and is the highest mark measured.

A majority, 66%, admitting to recently engaging in behavior the CDC officially discourages.

Less than half of voters (46%) say they believe CDC generally provided reliable and fact based guidelines during the pandemic. The remainder said CDC acted in a partisan political manner or are not sure.

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10 thoughts on “POLL: Only 1 in 3 Americans are obeying CDC Covid-19 guidelines”

  1. Self Responsibility and common sense seem more important than a government agency that can easily be politicized. Why would anyone rely on those whose vested interests do not lie with what’s best for the nation, but rather what’s best for their political agenda?

  2. Hmm, sounds to me like 1 of 3 people need regular shearing and have an unfortunate tendency to fall into ravines.

  3. Very interesting. A couple of things:
    -I’m curious as to why they use the term “voters” instead of “participants,” unless that was a misprint in the article.
    -I also find it curious that a smaller portion of independent voters than Republican voters are following the guidelines “very closely.” Typically you usually see a percentage somewhere in between the Democrat and Republican percentages for independents. I wonder why this is. Could it be that some Republicans are starting to follow their leadership a little too closely?

  4. This story brings up a point that I’ve been wondering about for some time – nobody is surprised about the polls of Republicans’ opinions about covid-19 or the vaccines. However, I started wondering about the published poll numbers for Democrats as they appeared to me more about enforcing groupthink among Democrats than about reporting what Democrats actually think about what’s going on. This Rasmussen poll strikes me as the most true for poll numbers of Independents and Democrats.

    In my experience, Democrats are more skeptical about vaccines than are Republicans; so all these polls showing Democrats’ agreement with vaccines left me scratching my head-either Democrats are now the party of groupthink (wasn’t true before) or the polls are lying.

    1. I find your assessment very interesting, in my experience Democrats are not at all skeptical of the vaccines, asserting that everyone should get them as a requirement to get in planes, go in stadiums and theaters, attend college, etc., while Republicans and independents range from very skeptical to “they’re experimental and I take the promises with a grain of salt but I think they’re safe and probably work.”

  5. I’m surprised the number.
    is one in three. I would think anyone with a few brain cells to rub together wouldn’t listen to these bureaucratic liars. These people profit monetarily for the shots.
    I’ve had all our normal holidays with 35/40 people here, we were all fine. The socialistic distancing is a bunch of bs, just like the masking and muzzling. Isolation to keep people depressed and alone. It’s not normal human behavior. It’s all about control and obedience to the state. Not one thing about anyone’s health. I could give better advice about staying healthy. Vitamins, good food, rest and exercise. The CDC = Stay away from other humans, also be fearful of them, stay inside, no sunshine and no exercise. Can’t see you dentist, get a haircut to take care of yourself, there is only Covid out there. Cancer, diabetes and flu all cured by Covid. Give me a break, if you are still paying attention after two weeks to flatten the curve, you’ll need more than a shot. Remember you are all sick now until proven healthy! What a joke!!!!

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