(READ) Donald Trump on “massive Election fraud” in New Hampshire

– May 6, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Congratulations to the great Patriots of Windham, New Hampshire for their incredible fight to seek out the truth on the massive Election Fraud which took place in New Hampshire and the 2020 Presidential Election. The spirit for transparency and justice is being displayed all over the Country by media outlets which do not represent Fake News. People are watching in droves as these Patriots work tirelessly to reveal the real facts of the most tainted and corrupt Election in American history. Congratulations Windham—look forward to seeing the results. 
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18 thoughts on “(READ) Donald Trump on “massive Election fraud” in New Hampshire”

  1. Of course there was election fraud, and in some locations it was blatant .
    The bottom line those in government and high places DID NOT want Trump re-elected.

  2. Taxation without representation — a major reason for our separation from England and subsequent Revolution. Focus on that “representation” part for a second. Our representatives are determined through the electoral process. If we can no longer have confidence in our elections being fraud free, fair, and having unquestionable outcomes, then we are right back where the colonists were prior to our Declaration of Independence — heavily taxed without representation, or at least the representation of our choosing. And under the thumb of an ever more powerful federal “regime” (from the Latin rex, regis–king)

  3. Once again (and again and again and again) we are provided totally one-sided information with regard to voter fraud in the last election. Here’s a suggestion: just link to the article below. It contains Trump’s full statement as well as background information on why Trump has almost certainly blown this story out of proportion (I know, that’s so hard to imagine). Why do I say that? First of all, the audit being conducted is around the state representative race, not the Presidential race. Secondly, according to the governor, the number of votes in question is about 300. Trump lost New Hampshire by 59,277 votes. So no matter how these 300 votes swing, it isn’t going to change the winner. But at least I have an idea of what Trump means by the word “massive”.
    It turns out that according to this article Corey Lewandowski (who lives in the town where the audit is taking place) originally said that Trump wasn’t claiming fraud in the Presidential race. That, of course, might have been true at one time, but isn’t any more.
    This article is wrong in that it says that Trump lost Arizona by more than 20,000 votes. The correct number is about 11,000.
    I don’t know that I have understood everything correctly from reading this article. If only we could find some nonpartisan journalist to dig into this story and provide a better explanation. If only.
    All I will say further is that if there was blatant voter fraud, why hasn’t any of it been brought to light? Why didn’t any of the lawsuits succeed (and remember that any number of those lawsuits were dismissed on their merits, not on procedural grounds)? Why hasn’t the mechanism of that fraud been revealed? Why didn’t all of the audits and recounts in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin show any problems? At some point, doesn’t common sense dictate that the voter fraud story should start to lose some steam? Remember – saying something loudly and often doesn’t make it true.
    No doubt many higher-ups in government didn’t want Trump reelected. But there has been no evidence that they did anything untoward to make that happen. On the other hand, Republican states have enacted many laws whose whole premise is to make it harder for “some people” to vote. My favorite quote around this is when Rand Paul said that we needed to investigate the election to make sure that “something like this never happens again”. What would “this” be – that a Democrat is elected President?

    1. You need to see the evidence uncovered by cyber forensic experts. There is in fact evidence, so please stop listening to main stream media when they say “nothing to this story”. Watch the following and be open minded, don’t key in on the host, listen to the experts. Absolute Truth, the trailer, at  https://lindelltv.com/. This one explains the cyberattack evidence. 

      Scientific Proof  https://scientificproof.fyi   This one explains the algorithm used by China to adjust the votes across the country.  Listen to Dr. Frank – he has really done amazing forensic work.

      1. All of this supposed cyber and statistical “proof” that the election was stolen fails on the question of how the complete hand recount in Georgia and the partial recounts in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin failed to turn up any discrepancies. If the results were somehow electronically modified, how did a hand recount not catch it?
        These claims also remind me of the claim that the returns in Pennsylvania (I believe it was Pennsylvania) violated Benford’s Law which was claimed to be proof positive of voter fraud. The problem is that Benford’s Law doesn’t apply to election returns because for it to apply requires that the raw data encompass many orders of magnitude, something that election results don’t do (precinct returns which was the basis for this claim don’t have sufficient orders of magnitude differences). And then there was the 1-in-1,000,000,000,000,000 claim in the Kraken lawsuit. The math itself in that claim might have been correct, but it was premised on the ridiculous claim that the demographics of the mail-in and in-person voters were the same. And there was also some claim that I really couldn’t decipher about the demographics of the Biden voter in 2020 being the same as the demographics of the Clinton voter in 2016.
        And, of course, it’s not just the MSM saying that there is nothing to this story. It’s also the courts and election officials of both parties. But , of course, every time someone in one of those groups points that out, then they automatically become corrupt. It’s all backwards reasoning. Start at the end (we KNOW there was election fraud) and attack anyone who disagrees, instead of attempting to determine if it’s reasonable that such fraud occurred by looking at the evidence and applying some logic to it.

    2. Maybe because they haven’t looked in the correct spot? If i lose my wedding ring somewhere at my home and I look in 60 different places but can’t find it, does that mean it’s not there? Nope, just haven’t looked in the spot where I will find it.

      1. You have identified one of the core problems here. It is simply not possible to prove that no voter fraud occurred, just as it is impossible to prove any negative. But, of course, you could apply that logic to any situation. If someone is on trial, all of the evidence might seem to exonerate him. But no one can say that some new evidence might come up the next day
        That’s what is so frustrating about dealing with the “fraud” side. I will freely admit that I can’t prove that no election fraud occurred. But no one on the “fraud” side will admit even the slightest possibility that there wasn’t. Yet all of the evidence is on my side. After the election, I assumed at some point that cooler heads would prevail when all of the audits and hand recounts had concluded and shown no issues. I was clearly wrong about that.

        1. “your side”? This belongs to you? There’s a liberal for you…

          It’s been less than a year. I can’t understand why Dems never accepted Bush’s 2000 election, never really accepted Bush’s 2004 election, never had ANY “cooler heads” from 2016-2021 when Trump was President but now they expect Repubs to quietly go to the back of the bus.

          I know that’s how Dems work, but can’t understand the double standard.

          I do believe that the election was a fraud, just like Dems did in 2000,2004, and 2016.

          1. Whether it’s my side or not is irrelevant. But if the use of the term “my side’ bothers you so much, please allow me to rephrase. Just substitute the phrase “the side that has all of the evidence”.
            There were Democratic objections to the election results in 2000, 2004, and 2016. But it is a truly false equivalency to try to compare those objections to those in 2020. First of all, those objections were very limited in scope (few actual objectors and few states being objected to) and were not intended to change the outcome. Contrast that in 2020 when 139 House members and 8 Senators objected. And I don’t remember any rioters egged on by the losing candidate to try to stop the electoral vote counting process in any other year. And I don’t remember the losing side filing more than 60 lawsuits contesting the results. And I don’t remember the losing side’s party leadership continuing to loudly hype the claim that the election was stolen and punishing those who refused to fall in line.
            This argument seems to rest on the premise that finding a few Democrats engaging in what you would consider undesirable behavior excuses scores of Republicans engaging in much worse behavior.
            There were some Democrats who continued to complain about the Supreme Court’s decision in 2000. Probably about the same number as Republicans who continued to claim that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.

      1. Assuming your comment is directed at my post, please tell me where the “lots of wrong information” is.

    3. I live in New Hampshire, and have been following the story, there were 600 votes that’s the voting machine counted that took away from republican candidates and 100 extra votes given to a democrat. It was the Democratic candidate that at first requested the recount because she had lost by a handful of votes. When they found the discrepancy being screwed against the Republican ONLY! The legislature and the governor voted to INVESTIGATE into the results more CLOSELY, and THOROUGHLY , TO FIND OUT, WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED ELECTION NIGHT 20/20 with our Dominion voting machines. With Kamala making 2 trips so far to our state in less than 90 days in office , make me just wonder , WHY???????This is the tip of the ice burg! We will find out what happened despite their fight, it will be revealed!

    4. I agree that Trump likely didn’t win the election but I BELIEVE there was across the board election fraud and if any elected official, no matter what their affiliation, turns a blind eye or is unwilling to do whatever is necessary to restore the voting public’s confidence, then they aren’t representing the public, they’re representing themselves and a blatant power grab!!

  4. According to the government, 214 million registered to vote, 66% voted leaving a grand total of 141,250,000 possible! So? So China Joe got over 80 million? And USA Trump, over 74 million! Well, that’s 13 million impossible votes right there! My math says that’s over 154 million. The endless parade of fraudulent activities, the year long behind the scenes activities of over 600 Democratic Party lawyers, the unconstitutional acts regarding voting procedures implemented. Hundreds of sworn affidavits regarding irregularities plainly visible. It goes on forever! Even Vagas had Trump’s win at over 8to1 on election night. Then absolutely everything after a toilet pipe broke forced the closure of five states count, and republicans to be sent away, went Joe’s way!
    Instead about complaining about how crooked this election was, a better question is? What went right!
    Our state legislatures failed to do their jobs.
    Fake news predictably did its usual outstanding investigative journalism.
    Our courts both state,and federal wonderfully refused to even look at obvious constitutional conflicts, or the affidavits.
    Then there’s the so-called insurrection and a useless Congress, and even more useless Republican leadership opposition party.
    Throw in the number of people being banned on social median including President Trump, and I’m confident that thus election was at best a farce and sadly a successful coup!
    By the way, this was hardly the only election affected, as in 2018, when the impossible seemed to occur, Republican winners on election night were defeated in weeks following!
    Thought there were laws on the time votes were counted? Guess only if your a Democrat!
    How could I forget the DOJ, the Perfect Election!

    1. You are misusing the numbers. According to the Census Bureau, there are 239M citizens over 18 and thus eligible to vote. Of those, about 214M were actually registered to vote. The 66% figure you cited is the percentage of eligible voters who voted, not the percentage of registered voters who actually voted. Taking 66% of 239M means that 157.74M actually voted (and I found one article claiming that the correct percentage is 67%, not 66% – this could easily be due to a rounding difference. The 67% number would mean that 160.13M actually voted. So the correct number should be between 157.74M and 160.13M%. And sure enough if you add the totals for Biden (81M), Trump (74M), Jorgenson (2M), Hawkins (,4M),and Others (.6M), you get roughly 158.4M). So, no, there were not all of those “phantom ballots” as claimed. Let’s go someplace else.
      But the most interesting thing is the claim is that all of those “phantom ballots” went to Biden. We are told that Trump got his 74M without question so any questionable ballots had to be on the Biden side. So we have a conspiracy theory times two. The first conspiracy theory is that there were so many “phantom ballots”. The second conspiracy theory is that they all had to go to Biden.

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