(READ) Donald Trump statement on Carter/Biden comparisons

– May 12, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
I see that everybody is comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. It would seem to me that is very unfair to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy mishandled crisis after crisis, but Biden has CREATED crisis after crisis. First there was the Biden Border Crisis (that he refuses to call a Crisis), then the Biden Economic Crisis, then the Biden Israel Crisis, and now the Biden Gas Crisis. Joe Biden has had the worst start of any president in United States history, and someday, they will compare future disasters to the Biden Administration—but no, Jimmy was better!
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8 thoughts on “(READ) Donald Trump statement on Carter/Biden comparisons”

  1. Carter was a graduate of Annapolis and a commander of a US Navy nuclear submarine.
    I am just pointing out another difference and does nothing to deflect from his poor judgment in each crisis.
    Carter is the one responsible for the Mad Mollos seizing control in Iran and driving the Shah out. The Shah was a typical 3d world tyrant, and better than most. The Shah new what to do when the Mad Mollos began their revolt, but Carter dissuaded him leading to his losing power.
    Some liberal idiot on another site claimed that the Shah restricted religious freedom, which he did. The Shah allowed women to live in society as the equal of men. Women held most of the professional jobs and they dressed like Western woman. The Shah did not allow the Islamic fundamentalists to Flog, Stone, Hang women according to Sharia Law.

    A conservative philosopher on a now defunct site had this to say.
    “Carter proved that America can survive a bad president and 0bama proved that Carter was not that bad”.

  2. Both were highly backed by the CFR.. with Biden in office, a return of the US Council on Foreign Relations

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