(READ) Florida teacher sues after she was removed for violating ban on Critical Race Theory

A Florida high school teacher is suing after she left a “Black Lives Matter” flag hanging outsider her classroom.

Amy Donofrio claims the Duval County Public School system and High School Regional Superintendent Scott Schneider violated her right to free speech when they “removed” her for failing to take down the flag.

But the school system said Donofrio violated Florida’s ban on the racist teachings of Critical Race Theory.

In a lawsuit, Donofrio says it is school officials, not her, who are being racist.

Read the lawsuit here, courtesy of Epoch Times:


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12 thoughts on “(READ) Florida teacher sues after she was removed for violating ban on Critical Race Theory”

  1. Good for the school.! Politics has no place in our public school system. And any teacher advocating for BLM, a Marxist organization should be removed.

  2. Hang tough, Sharyl. We know Brennan, or the other 3 letters agency hacked you. I just pray that one day, they’ll be held accountable.

  3. Relocated from NYC to this very county 13 years ago and it makes me very proud of this county, this city and this state, not to mention how proud I am for the best Governor in the nation! My vote is actually worth something here in Florida whereas it rarely was in 30+ years as an NYC voter.

  4. Ok… here’s the thing.
    First? Find out which tribe your students are descended from. THEN…
    Find out which enemy tribes SOLD THEM TO WHITE MEN, and other black tribes!!!
    Then you can talk about this crap. Europeans didn’t SUDDENLY decide they needed POC for slaves!!! They were offered slaves at bargain prices!!
    Just like certain countries of a certain religion do today. If this is included in the studies, and children understand that WHITE PEOPLE aren’t the enemy? Maybe we can get somewhere. Otherwise? NOTHING!!

  5. DeSantis may be our last great hope for liberty! Just pray these evil devil’s on the left don’t take over Florida also! As for this sick woman who couldn’t keep her racist objectives out of our kids lives, F that POS

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