(READ) Nonprofit supports Chick-fil-A’s discrimination lawsuit against San Antonio

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Legal brief: “This case is about much more than the purveyor of delicious chicken sandwiches served with unrivaled customer service.”

America First Legal (AFL), a national non-profit organization, has filed a brief supporting Chick-fil-A’s claim of discrimination against the San Antonio City Council.

The Council previously denied Chick-fil-A a government contract.

The City of San Antonio has engaged in a brazen act of state-sanctioned cancel culture designed to suppress Judeo-Christian values and intimidate citizens who embrace those values. Chick-fil-A was denied a government contract because they had the audacity to support the traditional view of marriage that has been held across the world for millennia. This virulently abrogates the First Amendment; however the Texas Legislature’s ability to correct San Antonio’s action has wrongly been called into question by the lower court’s decision. With today’s brief, America First Legal is seeking to right an egregious wrong and to reverse our nation’s dangerous slide into oppressive, divisive, and fascistic cancel culture. We will vigorously stand up for the rights, liberties, and religious traditions of American Citizens.

Stephen Miller, America First Legal president

Click here below to read the full court filing.

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