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3 thoughts on “(READ) Trump statement on “The Big Lie””

  1. Not sure how.

    Population that’s eligible to vote
    Number Registered to vote
    Those that voted
    Total votes

    These four numbers are pretty well known and contrary I’m still looking for discrepancies.

    The likelihood that machines switched votes are low due to recounts not showing this.

    Maybe thousands voted who shouldn’t but that’s unlikely.

    Millions of votes “harvested”… Ding, Ding, Ding.

    Mark Zuckerberg money being used to “cure” millions of votes… Yep!

    That voting laws were broken there is no doubt. For example 180,000 absentee “in the park” votes without a absentee ballot request or ID for starters. The Wisconsin race was one lame Wisconsin Supreme Court judge away from being over turned.

    Stolen? Nope…

    Rigged? Maybe…

    Legally manipulated with the help of hundreds of millions of targeted dollars and a willing media? You betcha!

    PS No one is talking about the 60 million newly registered voters or the unbelievable 74% voter turnout nation wide.

    Just food for thought but “The Big Lie” is going too far.

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