(READ) U.S. birth rate continues to fall

America’s birth rate declined by 4% last year, according to new data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

That’s the sixth year in a row of declines.

And it’s the lowest level since 1979, says Becker’s Hospital Review.

According to CDC: there were about 3.6 million babies born in the U.S. last year.

Birth rates dropped in all ethnicities and age groups from 15 to 44.

However, birth rates were unchanged when it comes to children aged 10 to 14 and women between 44 and 50.

Read the CDC stats here.

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4 thoughts on “(READ) U.S. birth rate continues to fall”

  1. At first I thought it was just political to make Trump look bad, but there’s more to it than just American politics. This is a global virus. There’s a recent report out that says the birth rate in America is down 4% and that is a red flag. Whenever there’s a harsh winter or any phenomena that keeps people cooped up in their homes, there’s a rise in the birth rate. Is there a global concern about over-population and there’s some kind of birth control in these vaccines? I don’t know, but the only red flag I’ve seen so far (other than being lied to for a year and a half) is the drop in the birth rate. And the definition of “pandemic” is a virus that’s gone global. So if I had the seasonal flu, went to Europe and infected someone, that someone traveled elsewhere and infected someone, it’s a pandemic. The number of people doesn’t define it, so they’ve pretty much led us to believe it’s an epidemic instead of a pandemic (I had to look up the definition myself, I didn’t know the difference).

    1. Making Trump look bad was just a extra benefit. Until proven otherwise, I would say the virus was created or released with the intention of bringing about Election Fraud, All the new measures, issued under with COVID in mind, needed something believable to bring about the plethora of Executive Orders at the State Level.

  2. This already happened in Germany, Merkel’s solution was to fill the kid shortage with Muslim refugees.

    Pot reduces sperm count, any questions why the push to legalize?
    Sterilization chemicals in our classroom have been found to sterilize our children. Let’s make sure we spray that shit everywhere twice a day…. it’s for our safety

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