Rep. Buck calls for Facebook reform

In the wake of Facebook continuing its “unconstitutional” ban of Donald Trump from the social media platform, Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) renewed a call for “aggressive antitrust reform.

Buck says the reform is needed to “break up Facebook’s monopoly.”

“I am disappointed, but not surprised, by the Facebook Oversight Board ruling on President Donald Trump’s indefinite suspension. Facebook made an arbitrary decision based on its political preferences and the Oversight Board, organized and funded by Facebook, re-affirmed its decision. The American people should fear any company that sees itself as so powerful it establishes a biased, quasi-judicial entity to adjudicate our First Amendment rights. The Oversight Board determined that President Trump’s speech constituted an ongoing risk of violence, highlighting that ‘heads of state and other high officials of government can have a greater power to cause harm than other people.’ It should be noted that Facebook permits a Bashar al-Assad fan page with over 250k likes to continue posting. The page’s administrator is located in Syria, has been active since 2011, and has repeatedly promoted falsehoods about the pro-democracy movement in Syria and downplays the human rights abuses committed against the Syrian people during the Civil War. Facebook’s status as a monopoly has led its leaders to believe it can silence and censor Americans’ speech with no repercussions. Now more than ever we need aggressive antitrust reform to break up Facebook’s monopoly.:

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado)

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