Short supplies at the grocery; China’s super soldiers; Amish immigrants in Texas

More than a year into the pandemic, a lot of Americans are still finding empty shelves at the grocery store.

And we’re talking some random-seeming items that have nothing to do with the pandemic, not sanitizer and toilet paper, but products like cream, soup, tortilla chips.

Sunday on Full Measure, we have an interesting look at our supply chain and how weaknesses in the process are leading to these odd shortages that persist more than a year after the big lockdown.

We’ll also examine some outlandish sounding initiatives that China has admitted to working on in its pursuit of world domination.

That includes engineering super human soldiers.

They’re also acquiring DNA of people in the US and around the world, acquiring genetic databases like the popular ones we use here to trace ancestry. And in Morocco, they’re requiring people provide their DNA in order to receive Chinese-made Covid-vaccines.

Why do they want the material? They’re also reported to be working on a way to engineer biological weapons that would attack some people but not others based on genetics, race or DNA.

We’ll talk to Rep. Scott Perry (R-Penn.) about the China threat.

Republicans Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Reps. Scott Perry (R-Penn.) and Louis Gohmert (R-Texas)

And we’re off to Amish country in Texas for an incredible and unexpected story about immigration.

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7 thoughts on “Short supplies at the grocery; China’s super soldiers; Amish immigrants in Texas”

  1. Thanks for covering this. I remember the huge lines at stores in February and March in 2020. And I remember how there were rolling shortages of meat, eggs, dairy and canned goods. Just before this time, I stocked up a 45-day cache of supplies but I overlooked items like paper products.

    Our local stores are better stocked now but paper towels and some cleaning products are still subject to random shortages.

    Civilization is far more fragile than most of us seem to understand. It is quite easy to tear it down and it will be very difficult to rebuild it. The UK and the USSR were devastated by the war. Both continued to ration food into the mid-1950s. And when I lived in the FSU it was difficult to look at major cities and realize that squalor was the result of their “victory.” It can happen here.

  2. We live in Amish country here in NE Ohio. They are good people even though we do not get to know them personally. But I understand that. Their property is always immaculate and fresh looking. I really admire these folks.

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