Texas moves forward on voter integrity legislation

Opponents claim it makes it tougher to vote. Supporters claim it makes it tougher to vote illegally.

No matter which way one views “voter integrity” legislation, it’s now moving forward in the state of Texas.

In general, Republicans favor the new laws, while Democrats oppose them.

After Georgia passed a new bill, many in the media were later forced to correct their misreporting on it. They had falsely claimed it reduced voting hours and early voting opportunities. But the Washington Post acknowledged it “expanded voter access.” Others pointed out the provisions in Georgia are in line with many voting laws in Democrat states. And Georgia’s governor pointed to how the Peach State law allows better access to voters than in President Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Iowa and Montana are among states that have passed or are working on voter integrity laws.

The election reform laws are being proposed in the wake of controversy over the 2020 presidential election that included what some believe were unlikely swings from Donald Trump to Joe Biden based in large part on after-hours “dumps” of mail-in and absentee ballots, many of which were questioned by Republican and some Democrat observers.

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