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2 thoughts on “The Capitol Police Shooting of Ashli Babbitt (PODCAST)”

  1. The awful/lawful thing is the lies begetting lies. #falseflag and you’re now reporting info not shown in your FM video.

    RIP Ashli Not Dead Babbitt. False narrative about shooter as he was WM gray balded.

    NOT the shooter/officer in plain clothes in an edited/dramatized version here


    Just posted weeks later … now pulled. DISGUSTING to change out shooter using race to shield truth… why the change to promote new narratives and keep us divided? Things that make you go ?. Don’t promote black plain clothes Lt please!

    Something planned to trap good patriots 5/9 Sacramento with planned rally by her “mother”. A bunch of liars and Kabuki theatre. C’mon Sharyl, you and the other great journalist need find credible info and truth. She didn’t die.

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