The Grip of Big Tech on Federal Govt. (PODCAST)

The feds are threatening to regulate Big Tech even as they’re relying on and negotiating multi-billion dollar contracts with the industry. Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) talks about the federal government’s co-dependent relationship with Big Tech and a multi-billion dollar plan to move Pentagon data to The Cloud. He also gives a status report on The Swamp.

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2 thoughts on “The Grip of Big Tech on Federal Govt. (PODCAST)”

  1. I push back on Congressman Buck’s assertion that Facebook/Twitter/etc. is “acting as a monopoly.” At this point, there are plenty of other social media sites you can turn to, such as Gab, MeWe, Telegram, Rumble, and DuckDuckGo, among others. How exactly does Facebook act as a monopoly when you can go onto all these other sites?

    I do also believe the government needs to be careful about giving a private company a cloud for Federal government data. Would this be owned by the private company? Would this company have restrictions on what they could do with the information?

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