(READ) Trump statement on Republicans voting for January 6th commission

– May 20, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
See, 35 wayward Republicans—they just can’t help themselves. We have much better policy and are much better for the Country, but the Democrats stick together, the Republicans don’t. They don’t have the Romney’s, Little Ben Sasse’s, and Cheney’s of the world. Unfortunately, we do. Sometimes there are consequences to being ineffective and weak. The voters understand!

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8 thoughts on “(READ) Trump statement on Republicans voting for January 6th commission”

  1. He is correct,
    So many of us libertarian style Republicans see the GOP as a group of “country club insiders”. Odd that the guy who owns country clubs seems outside that group.
    We wonder why we vote for the party at all. They have no fight.
    I truly think if Trump made a new party, only would he take many Republicans with him, he would drain moderate democrats away as well.

  2. The intentional misuse for overeach by Dems to forego the rights of their political opponents in response to Jan 6 is THE biggest threat to our democracy! It is the Dem version of Hitler’s response to the burning of the Reichstag, the excuse used with the rational German citizenry to officially unleash the monster upon his political opponents, removing all checks & balances to his power. WATCH OUT AMERICA! OBVIOUS POWER GRAB! ALWAYS ENDS IN UNBALANCED, UNCHECKED EVIL! “INSURRECTION” MY ASS! STATE MEDIA PROPAGANDA!

    1. You forgot to add that Biden’s spending, (like a drunken sailor), and printing all the bank notes he needs, will lead to the same situation that the Weimar Republic faced at the time Hitler took over the reigns in Germany. History does repeat itself when one will not learn from history.

  3. Funny how States filed a complaint about voter fraud, no commission, but a commission to look into Jan 6. Wow. Where is the FBI? Oh wait they’ve been mia for years now

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