(WATCH) Hispanic police officer remains calm as African-American female driver makes racist comments and calls him “murderer”

Police body cam video in Los Angeles County shows a shocking encounter between the officer and the driver, an African-American woman, who was ticketed for using her phone while driving.

The woman repeatedly calls the officer a “murderer” and, although he isn’t making any threatening moves and remains calm, she claims that she is scared and that he is trying to murder her and her children.

She also tells the officer, “You’ll always be a Mexican, you’ll never be white, you know that?”

The officer says he invested in his own body cam video to supplement the official body camera, for his own protection.

Watch at the link below.

Caution: the video contains offensive, racist language.


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5 thoughts on “(WATCH) Hispanic police officer remains calm as African-American female driver makes racist comments and calls him “murderer””

  1. Polly Gillison

    I’m currently in the middle reading your book SLANTED., and it is darn refreshing to find a journalist who is willing to stand up and expose the truth about the biased nature of journalism today – both right AND left. Thank you for your efforts to bring professional journalism back to where is supposed to be…Reporting the news, not interpreting it Thank you!
    Sadly, we need the same thing to happen in educational circles too.

  2. This is appalling. The fact she is, according to her, a “teacher” and has her son in the car listening to this says everything we need to know about her. At the same time the man she is denigrating is respectful at all times despite her ignorance. Thank God my children are nowhere near LA for her to teach them.

  3. I would bale out and find a new occupation if I were a cop. No one needs to be treated like she treated him. Then see what happens when there are no police. That should be the next thriller, a Day Without a Cop.

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