(WATCH) Is China designing super soldiers?

For years, intel officials and members of both parties have warned that China is the most serious global threat of America. Yet we have continued to allow China to buy U.S. companies that have sensitive data and operate other companies that collect it. Now comes word that China is trying to genetically engineer a force of superhuman soldiers. Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania has been looking at the Chinese threat.

Sharyl: It’s been reported that China has conducted tests on soldiers to develop soldiers with some kind of enhanced biological capabilities. What do you know about that?

Rep. Scott Perry: Let me be clear. It’s because of the things that they are saying and doing that leads us to believe. Because they’re saying so. That they literally want to create super soldiers and almost like the superhuman race. 3:05ish All their rhetoric says that they’re moving into this area and they consider it a new area of warfare, and the American people need to, and policy makers need to understand, this doctrine of “unrestricted warfare.” Everything’s on the table. They literally have said that, “We as China, shouldn’t have to abide by treaties and all these international doctrines that prohibit this kind of thing.” We’re talking about superhuman soldiers, and something else that’s very chilling, especially during this pandemic, where they would literally create ethnic, Ethno-bioweapons. Right? Literally talking about clearing out everybody across the continent of the United States, who’s not of Chinese or Asian origin, and the ability to do that.

Sharyl: Is China collecting DNA-

Rep. Perry: Yes.

Sharyl: In mass quantities?

Rep. Perry: Collecting every bit of DNA across the globe. For instance, just for example, I believe it’s Morocco. They’re providing the vaccinations for Morocco for the COVID virus. The China-virus is what it really should be called. They’re providing it. In return, Moroccans must give their DNA. It’s a one-way street. Not only do they do things like that, but they bought up the largest DNA banks in the United States of America. China owns them.

Sharyl: What are the U.S. DNA genetic banks, or DNA banks, and how were they allowed to purchase them?

Rep. Perry: Well, there’s no prohibition. Most of these banks are. And I don’t want to name certain companies.

Sharyl: Talking about popular websites where people have their genes analyzed?

Rep. Perry: Sure. Those are open for purchase because they’re… You freely gave your DNA as a condition of wanting to find out your ancestry, or you gave it otherwise, and now it’s owned by them, and they can sell that information, and they have. They have done that and China has bought it. There’s no prohibition on that.

Sharyl: Are there good diplomatic reasons why we don’t want to be that tough on China? Is there fear that things could come back harder against us? Is that the argument?

Rep. Perry: The argument seems to be that we’re economically tied too closely, and you can’t decouple either at all, or even a little bit. Quite honestly, that argument just comports to greed. Right? We’re using… Literally, the solar panels on your home, or your neighbor’s home are probably made by slave labor and slave child labor, either in China, or mining out the materials by slave children in Africa, through China. These are the things that we have to come to terms with. The Chinese Communist Party has come to what we would currently configure or describe as concentration camps. They perform unauthorized organ harvesting. These are horrific things, and we’re doing business with them, and we’re saying that it’s diplomatically difficult to decouple because there’s too much money involved.

Sharyl: Then I don’t know if you know about this, but it struck me that president Trump had talked about TikTok.

Rep. Perry: Right.

Sharyl: Which is China owned-

Rep. Perry: Right.

Sharyl: Was to be sold.

Rep. Perry: Yes.

Sharyl: Whatever happened to that.

Rep. Perry: There was a deal that was made, and I think it was going to go through… In which we, or some Western powers would have control over the data, and so on and so forth. Now, I’m sure China didn’t like that, but they just… They kept on playing it out, and as far as I understand now, that deal is over and TikTok is going to remain in the United States, getting your facial recognition information to be used on a system of social credits that China uses in China, that will then be instituted in the United States. Not necessarily by the government, but by big corporations like the big tech companies, or airlines or whoever who says, “You can’t fly unless you comply with this in this way.” It doesn’t have to necessarily be the government, but it can be pseudo things that are supported by the government, that are so integral to society. It absolutely strips off of our freedom, and we’re allowing it in TikTok being here.

Sharyl (on-camera): Perry has introduced legislation to label the Chinese Communist Party, a transnational criminal organization. No action has been taken on it.

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5 thoughts on “(WATCH) Is China designing super soldiers?”

  1. This could be a long hard tough silent battle but when it all breaks loose…such as Taiwan or Okinawa I’m worried that the Nuclear deterrent policy of the democratz and especially Jo…will fail us…they believe that “absorb the first strike” is best…the Republicans believe “they launch / we launch….who do you think has the best chance of winning…

  2. Have you heard that the Chinese Military is doing War games in Canada?
    Do you know who America’s greatest enemy is?
    England. Why? We kick their ASS in 1778!
    The Roths of England have had a presence in China for 150 years.
    Was Mao Zedong’s revolution financed by the above?

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