What really happened to Ashli Babbitt?

Ashli Babbitt was the 35-year old Trump supporter from California who was shot dead by a U.S. Capitol Police officer during the January 6 riots.

Babbitt was unarmed when she was killed. She marched to the Capitol with a crowd after the giant rally, held to draw attention to alleged 2020 election fraud.

The officer’s name is being kept secret. Prosecutors have said they do not have evidence that would justify charging him with any crime.

An attorney for Babbitt’s family says he will be filing a civil lawsuit against the U.S. Capitol Police and the officer, who will be named in the lawsuit. He is reportedly an African-American lieutenant; Babbitt was white.

Ashli Babbitt was an Air Force veteran
One of the last photos taken of Babbitt, draped in a Trump sign at the rally
Babbitt was 35-years old when she was killed
Ashli Babbitt’s husband, Aaron, is
planning to sue over her death
Babbitt, center, served in Iraq and Afghanistan (above)
Babbitt and her dog, Kenai.
Babbitt’s family says Kenai “died of a broken heart” when Ashli didn’t come home; just days after Ashli’s ashes were spread off the pier at Dog Beach where she went several times a week.
Babbitt celebrated her 35th birthday a few
months before she was killed
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32 thoughts on “What really happened to Ashli Babbitt?”

  1. I understand there was a ANTIFI activist (CNN paid contributor) present filming and agitating the scene. It seems he has fallen off the radar as well.?????

    1. Yep, john Sullivan who also leads another terror group called insurgents. He was paid by cnn and another news group 70, 000. The contract was signed the morning of the 6th. Premeditated! His video shows him doing what they accused trump of. He like all the other antifa and blm members that were bused in and broke windows, walk free while patriots who were invited in face several years in federal prison. Its sick. I saw everything and have pics and video of a lot.

  2. There are two justice systems one for the rich and the elite and connected and one for peasants . This how revolutions are spawned. She was beautiful and brave and if no one remembers her, I will. GOD BLESS YOU SPAWN OF THE REVOLUTION .

  3. The American people (conservatives) are being ruled by the “deep state”, not one prosecution under Barr for the corrupt FBI (Comey, Clinton, Brennan, Schiff, etc.) The Russia collusion was a proven effort to oust president Trump.

  4. Thank you for covering this Sharyl. I continue to watch the horrendous progression of our current unjust judicial system…especially Ashli and the double standard for different skin colors and affiliations. I really appreciate your true investigative reporting and wish all media outlets had just an ounce of your integrity. I hope that Americans will someday realize the truth and care about the undesirable consequences of the corrupt and selfish behavior demonstrated by many members of our government.

  5. Pat McAvoy-Costin

    Thanks for shining a light on this injustice. If the situation was reversed and a white officer murdered an unarmed black person–there would be riots in the street if the officer remained unnamed. Doesn’t this young 15 year veteran of our country deserve the same justice?

    1. AMEN!
      Ecclesiastes 8:11

      “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

  6. The story of Ashli Babbit is certainly a tragic one, as it would be for anyone dying as she did. I sincerely feel for her family and friends. But I find it very interesting that SA feels it necessary to provide such a sympathetic view considering that no such view was provided for any of the other unarmed people that have been killed by police in recent years. Where were the birthday party pictures of Philando Castille or Breonna Taylor or George Floyd, for example? Or how about the Capitol Police officers who died as a result of being involved trying to fight the rioters. They had birthdays too, you know.
    And this sympathetic view goes beyond the pictures, with Babbit’s activities summarized as that she “marched to the Capitol with a crowd after the giant rally”. But we all know that she did more than that.
    What’s also interesting is that so many people are unwilling to seriously examine the circumstances of Babbit’s death. Perhaps the police overreacted. I don’t know. What I do know is that the mob that Babbit was part of had broken doors and windows in their unlawful entry into the Capitol, had physically assaulted police attempting to restore order, had roamed the halls shouting threats against several government officials, and, at the time of Babbit’s shooting, was attempting to break into the House chamber. And, of course, no one knew who was armed and who wasn’t. If shooting Babbit was an overreaction, it wasn’t much of one.
    Remember that those who invaded the Capitol were doing it to prevent, by force, the proper functioning of our national government. There’s a name for people like that. And it isn’t patriot.
    So, yes, this was a tragedy on several fronts, the worst being that someone was killed. But there’s also the tragic aspect that so many people were so delusional (and continue to be so delusional) that they would swallow the nonsense being spewed by the grifters and scam artists behind the losing lawsuits and the “stop the steal” fundraising that they would resort to acts of violence as they did. The only thing more tragic is those political figures who have worked so tirelessly to whitewash what happened, even to the point of claiming that they never said the things that they said shortly after the riot, and who voted not to accept the electoral results despite having no factual basis for their vote and acted out of sheer pettiness because their guy lost.

    1. “Or how about the Capitol Police officers who died as a result of being involved trying to fight the rioters.”
      No Capital Police officers died as a result of being involved trying to fight the rioters, even Officer Sicknick died of “natural causes” according to the autopsy.

    2. Michaelyn Harris

      check John Sullivan aka Jayden X and watch his videos of the day before you assume facts not in evidence please. Also Michael Yon, war correspondent does an analysis of the events of Jan 6. Also watch the testimony in Congress from the former Capitol police and others to learn why there was little security that day, Please. Also watch Maricopa closely. Truth eventually comes to light.

      1. There was np collusion, by Trump or anyone else. Trump wasn’t the one being spied on, it was the Russians in Trump Tower that were running a gambling operation. Truth did come out in Maricopa, the Truth is Trump lost by a bigger margin than was previously thought, and no fraud was committed.

    3. Patrick Friends Thornton

      Your Communism spews out in every word you say!! Would expect nothing less from the Socialist Democratic Party of America!!

    4. Wow! Why don’t you make the same moronic comments about all those who died in real riots! No respect for you nor your narrative! I guess those drug out of their businesses and murdered are not deserving of respect nor are all those African American business owners who worked their entire life for their business only to watch it burn from ‘peaceful’ protests. And what about all those law enforcement officers gunned down and not even involved with those ‘peaceful’ protests. What happened on January 6th was a peaceful protest and Pelosi knew there were going to be many radical groups disguising themselves as peaceful protesters. She did NOTHING when informed by the FBI. So take your narrative and shove it! I know several folks who said they were there. No true patriot had any kind of weapon but they did see guys yelling they were antifa and f*** Trump and they had the gear to scale the Capitol along with having bricks. Another peaceful group just arrived from Trump’s speech and they were tear gassed and they were sure it was not from Capitol police and flash grenades were tossed at them. This was when that elderly man died from a heart attack. What about him. THEY DID NOT ONE THING TO HAVE THIS HAPPEN! They were standing on the lawn where they were allowed to be. Bet you didn’t hear about this or if you did, you are too evil to acknowledge it because it doesn’t follow your right agenda!

    5. Were you there on the 6th or are you just going with what you have learned through the media? I asking this as a serious question

    6. Hey little Dick, maybe you want to get the facts straight!!! Breonna Taylor was armed and she was the one that shot at the police. George Floyd’s family not only got justice but millions in a settlement just like Breonna Taylor‘s family. Hey I bet you never heard the name Tim Timpa!!! That’s because he was a white man that was murdered and by police while they laughed at him. Don’t play your double standard shit with me.

  7. Mr. Lanier is a caricature of the Leftist point-of-view. I would respond point-by-point to HIS whitewash of the Babbitt murder and justifying it as an overreaction (but not MUCH of one) if I thought that behind his hypocrisy there was a genuine, good, or reasonable person. But the truth is that he is a person whom I do not wish to convince or to reform; he knows the facts and has created a twisted narrative to justify Babbitt’s death while ignoring the blatant contradictions that exist in comparing Babbitt’s death to the lives and deaths of George Floyd and Ashli Babbitt. Lanier is an unreachable enemy. Those who come into contact with his kind should move on because people like him are not like the good people to whom he spews his lies.

  8. We should not forget her name. That is what the police state/Dept of Injustice wants from us. Show her out to be a villain and turn her into something that she never was. After hearing so much regarding Officer Sicknick”s death, notice how quiet they (left stream media and the DOJ) are now that his death is ruled from natural causes. It just doesn’t fit their narrative, sweep in under the rug and have us forget about it.

  9. I wish I knew what her birthday is. Can’t find it anywhere on the internet. A few months before would make it in the Fall. We should make it an unofficial holiday.

  10. You’re a hero, Ms. Attkisson! Thank you for doing some research on this. I was there on the 6th and have been digging very deeply into this story. Please take a listen to the podcasting I’ve done on Ashli and the entire Capitol Riot. The truth will eventually bubble up into the sunlight. Feel free to use any of the info in these podcasts in any future stories you do on Ms. “Babbitt.” As an interesting aside, did you know the word babbitt is actually in the dictionary? It means “A narrow minded and complacent member of the middle class.” Interesting, huh?! Take a listen. I think you’ll find it worthwhile.


  11. Yes, the people that went into the capitol and trashed things should be punished….but not destroyed. They broke the law, it should be a misdemeanor….not a life sentence. The only people with weapons were the police….many people thought the building was open because the guards opened the gate…they went in, walked around and left and for that they should get 20 years??? and Antifa /BLM get nothing for the violence they have brought to us while Harris bails them out of jail??? How messed up is that? And, ask yourself this….What if Ashley Babbit had been black??? what then? What if she was killed by a white cop..? Everyone would be mad, want justice, protesting, rioting…..where is the protesting for Ashley Babbit….an unarmed American citizen? This isn’t about an insurrection because there was no insurrection….this is about revenge against Trump and his supporters…you know those “despicable” people….! All I know is “something wicked this way came”…it’s here and it’s not good. This administration has done absolutely nothing for America and everything for their pals and the CCP. Don’t believe anything that comes out of Joes lying mouth. These people don’t want you to vote your conscience….they just want control….be very careful people. Furthermore, I believe Pelosi let this happen on purpose just to bring Trump down. These people don’t care about America and certainly not the middle class. They were offered police and National Guard but denied bringing them in…..yep….on purpose.

  12. In my opinion we are in terrible trouble trouble in America. Hopefully God will Right this wrong along with so many others. This is His country. They think they are so smart but God can drain the swamp in one swift lick. I’m waiting. Just like the lightening strike. He never sleeps.

  13. I saw the Jaden x spurious activity. He disguised himself as a President Trump fan as he declares himself to be an insurrectionist just walking about in Capital, He obviously was part of a plan.. FBI so called Director lied in Congress about this. The vids from others during the time leading to the so called shooting and aftermath show a staged event.. The first question is who set that up for Ashli to get up in the window?, Who called that officer to stick out the weapon? No warning shot? Who were the officers standing there with Ashli? They held automatic weapons, and a moment before the shooting were guarding the so called Speakers door. and walked away in a timed sequence.. Who stands around like nothing happened when somebody so called gets shot? OK nobody ran away for cover or backed off,, Nobody including so called officers provided first aid. Who does this? Lastly, seeing the shot and knowing something about firearms it sure looks like a blank which has a small projectile and leaves a smoke trail. So where is the bullet ? From that range a bullet would end up in the wall where is it? How does a so called murder in Capital go on without a full police investigation of the scene which is LAW that nobody is exempt from? Unless all know it was not a murder and no bullet was ever shot. unless of course Ashli wore a black girdle or fake blood tank.. . Lastly, who allows their loved one to be cremated days after a so called murder? Something is not real here.

      1. I curious where/who you got the picture of Ashli Babbitt standing in front of the capital using her hand to spread out her Trump flag? It’s as if she was posing for the “shot” (pun intended). She must have known them. (I’m guessing as this point but In this case “her” as in Kayla Joyce., a member of the “Babbitt Throuple“)

        Kayla says she blames Trump for her death but I’ve found her in a capital security video from the crypt stand right next to Ashli B. She participated in that low budget movie as well as Aaron Babbitt who I believe I’ve found in a few videos from jan6. (Still working on confirming)

        Give the photographer their “credit” as most will caption the photo giving credit to the photographer..

  14. Lots of “wonderful people” make idiotic decisions and commit traitorous crimes. Ashli Babbit was just another one of the mopes who got duped by Q nonsense and ended up getting herself killed for a lying, POS con man. I love seeing all of you armchair expert conspiracy theorists who completely believe what some nutjob publishes in a youtube video, seems like your kind are on the way out anyway as our country regains some kind of intellectual normalcy. Sorry, but no sympathy for Ashli Babbitt, she got what she deserved and her legacy will be that of a traitor.

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