After Hours: CDC Looks into Heart Issues in Children After Covid-19 Vaccine (PODCAST)

What do you need to know about new CDC reports about heart issues in children and other young people after Covid-19 vaccination.

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5 thoughts on “After Hours: CDC Looks into Heart Issues in Children After Covid-19 Vaccine (PODCAST)”

  1. Thank you for your many enlightening investigations. I would love to see an investigation of the hospitals’ balance sheets prior-covid vs during-covid. It was widely rumored in my area that hospitals were paid an extra $13,000 per patient diagnosed with covid and an extra $39,000 per covid patients admitted to the intensive care unit. Is this still happening? There’s an old saying that you get more of those things that you reward…..

  2. The CDC has lost all credibility. The CDC suppressed medical treatments that worked, i.e. HCQ and Ivermectin. This is criminal as it is known that those under 20 have zero risk for covid. Deep state is demonstrated in actions like this. The truth will not be contained and law suits are immanent. Disgusting!

  3. I have a family history of heart disease. A few years ago, I found a book written by a cardiologist in practice for over 30 years. On page 253 he lists 33 nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids), “…for optimizing the ability of the artery to regenerate itself and reverse any existing atherosclerosis…the typical diet does not even come close to supplying enough of these essential nutrients.” (Quote from book)! I have been taking these nutrients for a few years now and find that my clogged arteries are now “clean as a whistle” (quote from my doctor)! I am on a mission to get this info. out to the public. If you would like a list of these nutrients, along with their proper daily doses, just search online for: Save Your Heart Dr. Linus Pauling and choose any Save Your Heart.

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