CDC schedules emergency meeting on RNA Covid-19 vaccine safety in young people

The CDC’s top vaccine advisors have scheduled an emergency meeting for Friday, June 18, about reports of myocarditis and pericardium, or heart inflammation, young people after they received Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. 

The CDC says it knows of at least 800 reports of heart inflammation after Covid-19 vaccination. Of those, 226 cases of myocarditis were reported in age 30 and under after vaccination with the two “RNA” medicines.

According to CDC, the rate of myocarditis and pericarditis for patients between age 16 and 24 is higher than normal after Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccinations.

The advisory panel will also discuss the overall benefit vs. risk profile for the RNA vaccines in adolescents and young adults.

So far, CDC has dismissed reported Covid-19 side effects as coincidental or said that the benefits of the vaccines still outweigh the risks.

Several months ago, the CDC’s entire vaccine advisory panel, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), signed off on false information about what studies showed about Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness in people who’d already had Covid-19. Studies did not show the vaccines are effective in for those patients, but the panel published a report saying the opposite.

Two of the CDC’s experts scheduled to make presentations at the June `8 meeting, Dr. Sara Oliver and Dr. Amanda Cohn, directly, repeatedly distributed false information to physicians and members of the public regarding Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness in people who’d already had Covid-19. However, the CDC has not reported holding anybody accountable.

Read more on the CDC disinformation here.

Read the full CDC agenda for the upcoming emergency meeting here:

You can hear the meeting June 18 at 11am EST at the link below:

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5 thoughts on “CDC schedules emergency meeting on RNA Covid-19 vaccine safety in young people”

  1. Have a meeting….waste some time.

    I’ll wager the takeaways from the meeting will be thus:
    1) The data is ‘concerning’ but we need to analyse the data more closely.
    2) Several ‘Taskers’ will be given to some low level Toads so as to appear ‘engaged’.
    3) We’ll send out an e-mail to reconvene as the situation evolves.


    1. Nikkea Hartwell

      I agree. That’s exactly how they do it. I’ve watched them do that in hearings countless times over the years. Absolutely every reason under the sun morally and legally to do it differently and they refuse.

  2. Nikkea Hartwell

    Every last single doctor and attorney in this world who is awake needs to fight for us, their families and themselves, harder than they’ve ever fought for anything. If they don’t ….. come this Winter – up to 5 yrs from now….

    8 people in our sphere of friends alone have either died or have permanent health tragedies from the jab. All young and average healthy to super healthy and fit, all tested neg for the virus. They were just being “good citizens” by getting the jab. One of the deceased was a 21 yr old. One a 39 yr old mother who left her young daughter behind. 3 deceased were friends of our good friend. Definite deaths caused by the jab, he said. They had no health issues that anyone knew of. One woman miscarried a perfect pregnancy at 7 months 2 weeks after jab. My tax guy has permanent fallen and numb half of face and is now too weak to work effectively 5 months after jab. Another friend similar reaction as my tax accountant.

    If this amount of adverse reactions happened in our sphere alone, statistically that suggests something truly frightening for the global numbers, that we aren’t hearing about. One of our friends mentioned above that he’s been to the hospital twice since the jab and both times there were almost lines out the door of people with adverse reactions. So many that he didn’t understand HOW the news could be not reporting on ANY of it. He was very, very angry. Shouting and swearing b/c he can no longer work. He only got the jab so he could go to conventions for his job. He said he no longer watches the news for anything at all due to total mistrust.

    Truly a real, by definition, tragedy that people have to learn in this hard of a way.

    1. Wow, that’s crazy what’s happened in your circle of friends. I have not heard anything like that amidst my circle of friends, but I could certainly see it happening to lots of people.

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