Court: Bill Cosby trial tainted, entertainer released from prison


Entertainer Bill Cosby has been released from prison after Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court threw out his sexual assault conviction.

According to news reports, Cosby, 83, was released “after the court found an agreement with a previous prosecutor prevented him from being charged in the case.”

Cosby was serving a three to ten year prison sentence after being convicted of sexually assaulting and drugging a woman in 2004. The court allowed six other accusers from incidents as far back as the 1980s to testify at his trial. The Pennsylvania high court also reportedly ruled that testimony tainted the trial.

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8 thoughts on “Court: Bill Cosby trial tainted, entertainer released from prison”

  1. The fact that the prosecution did something wrong and the Supreme Court of PA overturned it doesn’t bother me. That’s the law and we all need to be treated equally and be governed by laws. But what makes me sick is how people like his costars come out and say what a wonderful thing that he is out that he was innocent. I think we all know he wasn’t innocent. When you have that many women say what happened to them It’s highly unlikely that he wasn’t a predator. It’s like erecting statues to George Floyd. We don’t think what happened to him is right but he is not a person to erect a statue too.

    1. He wasn’t and isn’t now INNOCENT… misconduct by the prosecutor will NEVER make him innocent… just another sex trader back out on the streets. He used his position, $$$$ and power to control and rape women.

      He should have been a cell mate with Harvey Feinstein…

      Just more perversions of a worthless BAR/admiralty legal system…

  2. I have been told the reason that he was set free was because prior to his trial he openly admitted to drugging and raping many women and that statement was to be kept private and could not be entered as evidence and that agreement was violated. Again, this is what I was told. True? I don’t know but it makes sense given they have yet to disclose what happened to cause him to be freed. We know it was for unlawful activities that cause him to be convicted but they have yet to say what they actually did to violate the law. This leads me to believe what I was told is true.

    1. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ talks and blacks walk..

      Just look at all the rioters, looters, arsonist, rapist and MURDERS… who rioted for a year and still are… they are part of the Biden catch and release BLM and ANTIFA…criminal plan

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