Covid-19 vaccine: an $8 billion bonanza for Moderna so far

Moderna’s Covid-19 emergency use vaccine is an $8.25 billion bonanza for the company, so far.

Moderna has announced the Biden administration has purchased 200 million more doses of the company’s Covid-19 vaccine bringing the “confirmed order commitment” by the U.S. government to 500 million doses.

Moderna is reportedly selling the vaccine to U.S. taxpayers for $16.50 a dose. That appears to be $1.50 more per dose than the original negotiated charge of $15 per dose for the first 100 million at a $1.5 billion cost to taxpayers.

Moderna also is said to have received almost a billion tax dollars from BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, part of HHS) to develop its vaccine.

According to Forbes: “Moderna executives also profited handsomely from stock sales that just happened to coincide with announcements of results, with amounts of the top three totaling about $100 million. NPR critically noted that the company was valued at about $6 billionearlier this year, although it had never brought a product to market. Analyst Peter Cohan suggests the company might add as much as $30 billion to its revenues.”

Even with the Covid-19 crisis past its recent peak, and appetite for the vaccine apparently about maxed out, the U.S. government and Moderna are operating on the assumption that there will continue to be a strong market for more Covid-19 vaccines– expanded to more children, covering variants, and used as boosters to people who already had their first double dose as that immunity wears off.

Read the announcement from Moderna below:

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6 thoughts on “Covid-19 vaccine: an $8 billion bonanza for Moderna so far”

  1. The CEOs of Amerika Inc. from Big Pharma, along with their Honorary CEOs Donald J. Trump and Joseph Biden would like to thank the American people for being completely compliant by allowing the state to inject it’s toxic cocktail vaccines into their bodies without being approved for safety and long-therm effects. You have really stepped up and risked your health so the pharmaceutical companies can continue to earn extraordinary profits, while getting government subsidies, waivers and special treatment from the crony-politicians who they fund and lobby.

    There will now be an extra ration of chocolate.

    That is all.

  2. Remember prior to the vaccines, that we had “testing” sites all over the country. Everyone was urged to get tested. It was “free”. People lined up in cars to have a swab shoved up their nose.
    Now we are all urged to get the “vaccine”. It is “free”. However, only about 27% of us want the experimental shot.
    Now we are once again beginning to see commercials to get “tested”.
    This has always been about money. Those tests were not free. They were paid for by taxes. Those shots are not free. This is all about money.

    1. Money is just the external distraction, for the masses who have money, finances as their primary focus in life.

      The first main goals of the ‘COVID’-‘UN/WHO-Pandemic; Hoax is generating massive, heightened ‘medical-health’ concern to that of public, and ‘epidemic’ with fear, panic, hysteria, anxiety and pandemonium. The more essential goal is total and complete hegemonic control. This later aspect has been done via Government Authoritarian, sometimes tyrannical Orders, Mandates, Limitation, Restrictions, Controls via single Authoritarians and Legislators as necessary.
      They implemented the first stage of concern and fear using a non-standardized biochemical, nucleic acid amplification replication-multiplication method, Polymerese Chain Reaction [PCR] process, which was developed by Kary Mullis for laboratory, investigative, experimental use, to enhance biological research. This method has no specific isolation for any one genome, and replicates partial genomes [which are incapacitated, usually via the human immune system]. This process has never been allowed prior use for diagnostics, for its clear lacking and non-standardization and correlation with any illness, sickness, disease, infection, and certainly was available during the apparent SARS-CoV of 2002-3, MERS-CoV of 2012-3, nor for any virus genome previous to the use in Wuhan, Hubei, CCP-China in Nov.-Dec 2019, then ‘suddenly’ allowed, accepted to use within every country worldwide via their medical authority giving ‘Emergency Use’; which still remains, without any standardization [FDA has officially informed all manufactures of the COVID-19′ ‘PCR test’,, the FDA EUA will end in 2021, and they can check the FDA information base for other Approved ‘tests’. However, none exists, and remain with EUA..
      As is well known, the only reliable means of ‘testing’ for specific viruses has been blood testing of the immunoglobulins, one they are properly identified and proper levels are determined. Antigen testing has some use, but not within any standards ro protocol. In fact, no Approved ‘test’ is used for any virus genome for diagnostics. Period.

      Thus, every aspect of the ‘COVID’-‘UN/WHO-Pandemic’ is false, falsehood, pretense, False portrayal, False narrative, False, Incorrect, Misleading information, Misinformation, Disinformation. Lies, Myths [Pathogen & Contagion].

      The implementation, use, expansion, proliferation, of the Allopathy/Pharmaceutical medical philosophy system was purposely arranged to become the Primary, Single, Only medical system via JD Rockefeller, Sr. [Standard Oil multi-billionaire, tycoon, since 1880] via his funding the medical schools, starting with Johns Hopkins, then other private, public universities worldwide with the synthetic pharmaceutical medications integrated into the system as the only medicines, and their system as the only valid medicine, along with the false idea of it being ‘science’ when it is not more than pseudo-science, as biology an often less, resorting to simple algebraic calculations as ‘statistics’ but actually not within the study of probability and statistics.; these calculations are arranged to present and portray the desired results.

      Hopefully You will learn more about the falsehood We All have been inDOCtrinated with. over Our entire lives and precede Us back to over 100 years ago. :)
      All The Best and Much Success in Your Quest, Health and Well Being. B/
      Sincerely B))

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