(FORUM) Big Tech censorship and fake fact checks

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It’s hard to think of any major story that the Big Tech and media censors haven’t gotten wrong in the past few years.

They have censored true, factual information and outlawed reasonable debate on masks, Covid-19, vaccination, Russia collusion conspiracies, election fraud and more.

Is it time to declare the fact-check/gatekeeping/censorship experiment a failure?

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24 thoughts on “(FORUM) Big Tech censorship and fake fact checks”

  1. James Haberkorn

    Well, certainly, if the goal is to arrive at truth, then the fact checkers by and large have failed miserably. But to say they’ve failed suggests that they simply made mistakes. I don’t believe that is the case. I believe their failures are not viewed as failures by either themselves or by many of their readers. The old Greek sophists were paid to support the argument of whoever paid them. I believe that’s the same situation today. Journalists are given the assignment by their editors to find the ‘right’ answer. Almost nothing makes sense in the world of fact-checking if the huge partisan element is not accounted for.

    But the real tragedy and blame for the corrupt institution of ‘fact-checking’ lies on the gullible souls who can’t see through the phoney and inaccurate arguments. I firmly believe you don’t have to read alternative news to find out that modern day corporate media has a political agenda and will use every sophistic trick to push their agenda. All you have to do is carefully read the fact-checks and the articles, and reason through them. The phony and misleading arguments are there right in front of your eyes.

    1. Kevin O’Haver

      James, you are absolutely correct.

      We will not save journalism or anything else until we take back our schools and have an educated population that actually cares.

      Good take.

  2. Let’s start with these two premises:
    #1 – liberals/progressives feel it is their moral mission to impose their world view on the everyone, especially those that don’t agree with their world view.

    #2 – liberals/progressives control education, the media, big tech, the culture and now, we are seeing, more and more the financial world.

    I personally think this is by design.
    The 60’s hippies believed that they could truly attain utopia, forgetting that there will always be Ayatollahs, Stalins, Hitlers, Maos, Pol Pots and Kim Jung Ills that seek nothing more than to impose their self serving world views on the masses and will use violence, brainwashing and intimidation to accomplish those ends.
    In many ways the left today is doing the same thing with Big Tech and the Cancel Culture.

    The 60’s Utopians permeated the education system and over time taught generations of children their world view – that America gained all her wealth and greatness by exploiting others.

    Big Tech is now their biggest and most powerful tool because it is BT that controls the information that we’re exposed to and use to form our own world view.

  3. Frankly, I’m tired of the soft-peddled wordsmithing used to describe it. Let’s call it what it is: false propaganda, and suppression of life-saving, economy-saving, and society-saving information. There was NOTHING fact-checky about it. It was designed to do exactly what it accomplished… the enslavement of humanity under a pseudoscientific technocratic system that is initiating the global demise of the have-nots in a “Great Reset”

  4. You know just as well as I do that the “Fact Checkers” you are speaking of are nothing more than hired guns for the “propaganda” machine we have at work in America, which is a non-stop blitzkrieg of narrative slants to steer the masses to view things in one particular way. Non-stop literally means just that. Every single day they parrot talking points and these “Fact Checkers” are just used to reinforce whether something is true based on the narrative being pushed, or false because they are contradicting or resisting the narrative. The goal is to quiet all dissension and resistance to make it seem as if there is only one way to view a particular issue and that the conclusion of it is already settled. Unbiased experts are silenced, while experts that push the propaganda narrative are highlighted exclusively.

    It’s one of the reasons why so many Americans are not listening to the mainstream media anymore, but rather are trying to find trustworthy, unbiased, uncorrupted individuals (such as yourself) or small groups that haven’t been corrupted by this machine and will work outside of its factory to expose the corruption and give the masses what they really need… the facts and truth of issues.

    We are trying as best we can to research ourselves, find accurate and valid information by reading print materials, outside mainstream media sources that have proven themselves reliable, like Rumble, YouTube, Just the News, Epoch Times, and others.

    It’s difficult to sift through the propaganda because it’s shuffled through by both the right and left wings… I’m glad you are around and am grateful for much of what you have shared in your books, your recommendations of other worthy journalists, and through this personal medium of yours.

    Keep it up. You are really needed for just such a time as this.

  5. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s character in “Something’s Gotta Give,” they simply are looking for the “version of the truth” that suits the left’s agenda. That ain’t fact checking. It’s “fact distorting.”

    1. I guess you missed the part where BOTH sides are lying and manipulating us. The real enemies are sitting in boardrooms, not at keyboards.

  6. I think a large portion of people who would use a fact-checking site personally (because they don’t like being lied to) have already figured out that they are not using logical arguments. There are a lot of strawman fallacies. If someone says X, and X is true, the fact checkers often will say, “People claim Y and X. Since Y is false, this is false.” Or sometimes you’ll see “mostly false.” Y is the strawman they built up to tear down and look like they were right and others were just nuts.

    The others who believe the fact checkers are likely just looking to be right and hear what they want to hear so they don’t care.

    I think it is wrong morally for Facebook to create their own fact checker program that is biased. One of the main reasons I don’t use it anymore, personally, is because they were fact-checking everything. It’s like living in a nanny state. Every time you open your mouth a nanny comes along and slaps you for spouting something she doesn’t like. They’ve taken on the role of savior in the Dreaded Drama Triangle where they believe we’re all victims, too stupid to figure out what is real, and they have to come in and “save” us from ourselves or others. It’s completely condescending and I don’t see how people stand it.

  7. Facebook de-activated my account after being in jail countless times. Twitter banned my IP address. All I did was post about Hydroxychloroquine and facts about it. And there’s still overwhelming evidence of it being a possible cure. Trump was right the whole time and so was my research. Do I get my accounts back now? We need to start a class action lawsuit!

    1. I have been repeatedly suspended by Facebook for memes that the bots flagged, even though a human reversed it. You’ll be surprised to know that they were in support of Palestine, Muslims and BLM.

  8. With failing media, turned full-fledged propagandists instead, the United States have no chance to survive.

    Forget the Mueller probe/the witchhunt for a moment. The electoral process is twarted, evidenced by the colossal fraud the 2020 elections cycle are being found out to have been, unreported/denied by MSM. In my view (and I’m, alas, not an American) the editors/publishers are, in short, guilty of crimes against the rule of law. News outlets in conjunction/collusion with ‘Big Tech’ have interfered with your free election process. Also they have illegally provided in-kind campaign contributions, to the value of billions of dollars, ostensibly, to the benefit one party in particular.

    Real journalism and unbiased media are a pillar under the Rule of Law. Under the nation, therefore. These should be protected to the fullest under the provisions of the Constitution. But weaponized titles and stations, thus, all of MSM, are not worthy of shelter and must be rooted out. As for Big Tech, no law can be understood to entail license to act in bad faith. Granting Facebook and Twitter protection under “Section 230” must (no longer) have place.

    From Amsterdam, a friend of the U.S.A.,

    Ringo (Richard)

  9. IMO they’re welcome to express any opinion they want to – but their fact checking is just that – an opinion based on whatever info they choose or are able to locate. In his book Power vs. Force, David Hawkins says that people are incapable of distinguishing truth from falsehood without kinesiology, but that too only works for those who have a consciousness level above 250 on his scale (he rates pride such as that of police or military at 200).

    After trying all I could think of to comply with strict religious beliefs over decades, I finally decided to look at anti-*ism material to see what I might be missing. I was apparently missing a lot, and ended up tossing out the baby with the bath water and starting from scratch to see how the universe really works. Imagine my surprise at what I discovered.

    My only disagreement with their fact checking is that they then use it as a stick in the cancel culture. I think blocking others’ opinions is inappropriate, but if they’re going to do that, they should be regulated as public utilities. That being said, it reminds me of an item in the Mensa’s Editor’s Handbook – censorship only occurs when something can’t be published at all, such as by government (or the church historically). To quote, “Freedom of the press is the right to publish, not to be published. It is the right of the publisher, not of the writer.”

    1. 45 yr Mensan here.

      Let me tell you about the censorship that’s going on now. The Mensa Bulletin editor refusing to publish criticism of the AMC. An unqualified Supervisory Psychologist who refuses to work with a proctor who questions her. Members being expelled for trivial social missteps. And political pronouncements (contrary to Mensa “having no opinions,”) re. social issues of the day.

      I might be expelled for writing this.

      1. I remember reading about that also in the handbook so I looked it up:
        “Constructive suggestions are always welcome but negative comments without a solution are inappropriate.”

        Mensans aren’t generally known for our social graces – therefore our surprise at finding others like us. Unfortunately though, three of the five or so groups I’ve been active in were openly contentious – likely a reason so many are inactive. In the religion I mentioned above, I used to excuse it as “just because the people have issues doesn’t mean [that religion] does.” I’ve learned better.

        So my discussion with a friend the other day, who was saying that we need better government officials, was that we only get the government we deserve. Change comes from the ground up. In other words, government is only a reflection of the population, so as we get better individually and as communities, so does the pool of nominees. It’s all about choice, and that boils down to the only freedom we really have – our freedom to choose our thoughts. IMO anyway.

  10. Facebook and Twitter act like they are gods put on this earth to save us from ourselves. Their fact checking is disgusting and condescending tripe.

  11. there can only be independent fact checkers, which is definitly not how they are organised these days because all they check is certain interests aka ‘the narrative’, so bugger all.

  12. Fact checking is no longer taken seriously because the “independent” fact-checkers have censored truth and passed on lies.

  13. It is very difficult to come to a consensus as to what is true these days. We have had some reference sources, which once were unimpeachable, such as Lancet, Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, the Washington Post, the New York Times and more, not only misreport the facts, but act as conspirators to present deliberately misleading narratives to the public they profess to serve. With authoritative sources severely discredited, we might hope for open minded discussion to fill the void. But no. Thanks to bias from “fact checkers”, we will all have one grossly misinformed opinion.

  14. No censorship. Transparency.
    Give us the truth, no matter where it leads. We will deal with it, even if it means throwing politicians out of office.

  15. Daniel K Buchner

    I think the worst is yet to come. Due to the media’s liberal viewpoint, Murdock, Ailes, and Fox figured out conservative media would be financially rewarding and was right. Conservative thought was prolific on social media but was and is being hindered by progressive owners of the infrastructure. Others in their quest to make money will and are building such infrastructure to promote or allow for conservative thought. Though necessary this will divide us further.

  16. Sadly censorship is happening on over 90% of all forums and social media via “moderators” who are merely dictators.
    I have posted dozens of comments to dozens of forums and pages yet NONE of my comments ever get past the moderator because they only allow posts that SUPPORT their wrong information.

    This is how the communists took control of all communication.

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